Here are 10 simple signs that your parents indeed might be Jamaican.


1. The belt

The belt is a universal item of discipline that allows the child of a parent to understand that there are consequences for wrong actions. The consequences are pretty straightforward. You either get grounded, receive the belt, or both. The pain, the sheer brutal pain—you will never forget and it will mold you in ways you’d never imagine.


When you hear a Jamaican quote this phrase, then you, my friend, are in for some interesting news. Jamaicans can have numerous meanings for this. They're tired, or angry, or laughing, or concerned, or all of the above.

3. Men learn ALL of the basic house chores

At least in my Jamaican household, the men of the house at least have an idea of how to do all of the basic house chores. Laundry, Ironing, doing dishes, cooking, folding clothes, taking out the garbage, and other appliances are done by EVERYONE in the house, and not left to just one sex.

4. Football (Soccer)

Soccer (called football in Jamaica and virtually everywhere outside the US) is considered one of Jamaica’s most popular sports. If you have Jamaican parents, a soccer game will be playing on your TV more often than not.

5. Curry goat

The sacred gem of the kitchen has a smell so strong that it can travel throughout all floors of your home. The spicy and delicious curry goat will fill your stomach very well and will make you long for more.

6. Track and field (World Championships and Olympics)

Jamaica has been known to produce some of the best sprinters in history, including Usain Bolt. When the Olympics are on, the only event that matters to your Jamaican parents are the 100m final.

7. The “report card talk”

Education really matters to your Jamaican parents, as they come from one of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. They want you to take advantage of the incredible education opportunities that they themselves never had. The “report card talk” is one of the scariest conversations to have as a Jamaican child. Anything lower than a B average will call for serious conversation and evaluation of your social lifestyle. GOOD. LUCK.

8. Friends

Jamaican parents want you to have friends that they can “trust." No marijuana, no clubbing, no long night trips out until 3 AM, no late night parties unless they finally come to terms that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself (Probably never).

9. The 1980s reggae mix

All. The. Time. There is no familiar sound than that of 1980s reggae blasting through the TV speakers of your Jamaican household. From Marley, to Holt, to Augustus Pablo and Beenie Man, 80s reggae had begun to transcend the island and soon reach around the world.

10. They are proud to be from Jamaica

More than anything, they are proud to teach you about their home country and how it had shaped them throughout their lives in hopes for you to become part of their rich culture.