Sorry Not Sorry, But My Parents Can't Afford To Send Me To Coachella

Sorry Not Sorry, But My Parents Can't Afford To Send Me To Coachella

Actually, they can't afford to send me to a lot of places.

To preface: this is no shade towards anyone who went to Coachella, paid for by their parents or not. I hope you enjoyed your time and had some experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime. Please tell me how amazing Beyonce's performance was because I'm sure a live stream cannot do her justice.

However, stop trying to make me feel bad for you because your parents paid for it. Good for you and your family for never having to go through a few of the things that myself and my family had to go through. Things like:

1. Crying on the phone to your mom because you can't make rent.

It's great that you have VIP housing in the valley, but I'm back home wondering if I'll have money to buy groceries this month.

2. Having to miss out on fun activities (like Coachella) because you can't afford to request a weekend off from work.

Not only can I not afford $400 for tickets but I also can't afford not making money this weekend.

3. Spending hours studying so you don't tank my GPA and lose the grants that are keeping you in school.

C's may get degrees, but they don't keep scholarships.

4. Almost losing your house during the 2008 Recession.

You got bullied because your parents bought you a Range Rover for your 16th birthday? Imagine what it's like getting bullied because you live in your parent's 1999 Dodge Caravan.

5. Having to listen to people complain because "haters" check their privileges.

I don't like you because your family has money. I don't like you because you take everything for granted, and you think you're being oppressed for having nice things.

But here are some things my parents did give me:

1. My parents have prepared me for what it's like to ask for help.

I don't just expect them to fix my problems for me. But, it's still okay to ask if you can't figure it out yourself.

2. My parents taught me the value of a dollar and a hard days work.

I am proud of every job I have worked, no matter how sweaty or dirty I've gotten.

3. I learned that I can go through hell and get up after it.

My life hasn't been easy, but I know my strength because of all the terrible things I've been through.

4. Teaching me, "money doesn't buy morals."

I hope someday I'll be able to buy my children cars when they get their licenses. But they will know they aren't any better than their classmates because of it.

5. Reminding me that jealousy is a valid emotion, but to keep it in perspective.

I might not have the nicest car out there, but at least I have one that can get me to work and school. There are a lot of things I might not have, but what I do have is a family who supports me whenever they can, even if it's not with money or fancy vacations.

In short:

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Thank You, Mom And Dad, For Staying Together Through It All

I hope one day I can find a love as strong as my parents so that my kids will never have to experience a broken home.


Growing up, I always dreamt of finding my true love and having my fairy tale wedding when I was older. My parents gave me such faith from their relationship. They have been together since they were in high school and have never left each others' sides since. I have idolized their marriage since the day I was born and still continue to. I could not imagine going through life without both of them together. Many people in my hometown have divorced parents. It is not uncommon from where I come from, but I recognize how lucky I am. Sure my parents have their fights, even the one time they almost did get a divorce, but they didn't. And I am so grateful for that to this day.

Holidays are amazing. I don't mean to brag for the people who do have separated parents, but it is a privilege to be able to spend it together as a family. I don't have to choose where to spend the holidays or feel bad if I have to pick someone over the other. It isn't fair, and no one should have to do that. My parents have always and will continue to always put my sister and me first. I respect them for that. Even through all their issues, they manage to do whatever is in our best interest--even if that means staying together during hard times. No matter what, they always manage to work it out.

I get to experience life with both of them together. I know people who haven't talked to their dads or moms in years. They didn't go to their graduations— watch them walk across the stage and get their diploma. Their parents are missing out on so many important milestones in their life. I am so fortunate that my parents have always been by my side rooting for me. I couldn't even fathom the thought of them not being at such events or not even being remotely a part of my life. My parents are everything, and they are stronger together.

I have two opinions. I have two people in charge. When one says no, the other will say yes. I have two people to go to with problems at all times. They are accessible, they are there for me, they protect me. I may not agree with everything my dad says, but my mom will have my back on certain points and vice versa. We can work out our problems together. Nothing ever turns out biased when I have them both together. I wouldn't be able to do have the stuff I do with the support of just one parent.

With my parents together, I don't have to feel like I am a toy. I don't have to feel like I need to be shared or guilty I am spending more time with one and not the other. With my parents together, our family is whole. I know it is a privilege, and I am so grateful and lucky. I hope one day I can find a love as strong as my parents so that my kids will never have to experience a broken home. It isn't fair to put kids through something so stressful and saddening. My parents are amazing and I am beyond blessed to have parents that love each other and their kids immensely. Everything they do is for us. Thank you.

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