Spending a lot of time running and training for a marathon, and spending even more time behind the wheel driving to my various responsibilities and destinations, I needed something to fill my time. Over the past six months, I have been on a podcast kick, and one of my favorite platforms to find podcasts is Barstool Sports. Anyone who knows anything about Barstool Sports knows that it is just about the funniest and most entertaining places to find the latest news on all things pop culture and sports. I love "Call Her Daddy" for its harsh truth and hilarious nature. I love "Chicks in the Office" for its accuracy and light-hearted nature. And finally, I love "Pardon My Take" for it puts a whole new spin on sports media.

"Pardon My Take" is hosted by two men who go by Big Cat and PFT (Pro Football Talk) Commenter, and the two of them together deliver the "loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word." Let me tell you, it is just about the most unorthodox sports podcast I have ever listened to, yet it still averages up to 1.5 millions listeners each and every week.

Three times a week, PMT blesses the world with their opinions and chatter regarding the latest sports news, using aggressive satire and their ridiculous personalities to entertain all who listen. The two simply have the greatest chemistry, feeding off each other's jokes and insane antics. Although the podcast largely focuses on football, basketball, and baseball, each episode is filled with off-topic antidotes by each of the hosts, endless banter with producer Hank Lockwood, and everything in between.

The podcast has hosted a variety of famous guests over the past few years, including recent NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch, retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, new Packers head coach Matt LaFleur, and NBA star Blake Griffin, to name a few that joined the podcast in the past few months.

Don't take my word for it - sports fans far and wide, tune in to Pardon My Take, presented thrice-weekly by Barstool Sports. *Cue "Electric Avenue"*