Paper Towns: John Green Brings Another Summer Hit To The Big Screen
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Paper Towns: John Green Brings Another Summer Hit To The Big Screen

“The town was paper, but the memories were not.” - John Green, Paper Towns

Paper Towns: John Green Brings Another Summer Hit To The Big Screen

For the second summer in a row, bestselling author John Green has pleased fans by bringing one of his beloved novels to the big screen. Last summer, Green's hit, Fault in Our Stars, had audiences everywhere falling in love with the tearjerker story between cancer stricken Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters. This summer Green has brought his popular 2008 novel, Paper Towns, to theaters near you.

Those who are already familiar with the book know that Paper Towns is the story that revolves around awkward senior in high school, Quentin Jacobsen (played by Nat Wolff), and his infatuation with the mysterious girl next door, Margo Roth Spiegelman (played by British model, Cara Delevingne). After years of running in opposite social circles, the two long time neighbors spend a spontaneous night together filled with pranks and excitement--where the magnificently rebellious Margo pulls rule-following Quentin out of his comfort zone. The story takes a turn when the next day it is discovered that Margo has run away and is nowhere to be found. Propelled by his new-found desire for adventure and his long time love for Margo Roth Spiegelman, Quentin sets out to crack the mystery of Margo. Along the way, Quentin ends up discovering a great deal more than just the location of his childhood neighbor.

If lovers of the book are looking for an exact replica of John Green's words in the movie, then do not get your hopes up. The story line tends to stray a good bit from the novel--specific parts are not included and the overall feel is a little different. Whereas the book showcases an intense development of both Margo and Quentin's characters, the movie lacks some of the substance that makes the story so striking. Without having read the book, I think it would be difficult to understand Green's attempt to create "a mystery in which the obstacle was ultimately that one character (Quentin) has so profoundly and consistently misimagined another character (Margo) that he can’t find her–not because she’s hard to find but because in a sense he’s looking for the wrong person." To comprehend Green's objective, one would have to pick up on certain dialogue and unspoken emotions that someone that had not read the book might look over. The book also seems to have a more dark feeling associated with it compared to the lightness of the film.

However, with that being said the movie does beautifully capture the sense of adventure and growth also found in the book. I think the film leaves the audience with a more understandable message of not just accepting your fate but rather being proactive in life and making your own memories and adventures.

The director, Jake Schreier, is able to successfully translate Green's words to the screen in a way that mimics the book very well. All of the characters are portrayed wonderfully by the whole cast. Each actor does well in representing their character's role in the story. Nat and Cara both do an amazing job capturing the essence of Margo and Quentin's characters and their relationship.

Overall, the film will leave you feeling lively and with an urge to go out and begin your own adventures.

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