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Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for man is both the marble and the sculptor- Alexis Carrel

It has come time again for the new year. As we all end, on a good note or bad, we are gearing up for the journey ahead. Each year, a key component to the new year is the tradition of New Year Resolutions! As most of us survey our past 12 months, we tend to mold the resolution into something we might want to change for the better; it is a ‘reflection for a promise’ type of exchange. Among the most abundant of resolution are: to lose weight, become closer to God, or to even stop smoking. However, the fault that we all make is to wait until January 1 to do so.

Typically, resolutions are made weeks before the new year. Why are we waiting so long to start when there is no time better than the present? If you start your resolution today, you will be even closer to achieving it when the new year starts. It usually takes 21 days to build a habit. Imagine if you started your resolution sometime in early December, you would have already built your habit for the new year. Instead of working hard in the beginning, push hard through the end.

When starting your resolution, you must remember a few things: First, you made this resolution for a reason. If you start second guessing why you made such a resolution, take time to reflect. Second, things have to get ugly before they can get beautiful. If you are losing weight or trying to stop smoking, there is a certain discipline that is needed to continue. Pain will become a constant, but just remember to stick with it and the results will be beneficial. Third, do not fall into temptation. Resolutions are lost every year to a lack of focus, distractions, and a convenient rise of self assurance. We tell ourselves lies just to make ourselves feel better, in return, we dump the resolution entirely. Lastly, this is your year! Nobody can control how this year pans out besides you. You are going to hit a few bumps, but it is inevitably up to you how you approach them.

Starting January 1st, you will have another 365 days to make a difference. Use these days for something good, whether it be for yourself or others. 2016 might not have been the best year for some, but you were strong enough to make it through. Happy New Years and have a blessed 2017.

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