Tell Me How To Pack Up From College Because I'm Lost AF

I want to go home more than I can really explain, I’m serious, but I have run into a large problem as my freshman year comes to a close. A problem that I see no solution to, and to be completely honest, stresses me out a lot more than the four finally I have coming up.

This is a problem that I have just recently realized is a big problem. If you have guessed what it is, then you obviously know me very well, and if you didn’t guess correctly, I am disappointed in you and you should re-evaluate your life in order to know me better.

I have no idea how to pack to go back home.

I am serious, and I need help. I vaguely remembered moving into college(look, it was hot, and I was very zoned out and very emotional) but I honestly have no idea how I did it. Everything fit in my mother’s car, and everything got into my room.

It happened, I’m sure of it.

And now my dad is coming up in a week to help me pack back up, and I have legitimately no idea how I am going to do this. I have not accumulated many items since coming to Maine. I brought a large number of items home last weekend. It should, in theory, be very easy to pack up for good.

So please explain to me why I am so stressed out about packing up, and why I am legitimately convinced that I have no way to bring everything home.

Will all of my items just be rolling around in the trunk of my father’s car? Possible.

Will I decide that I have to purchase multiple tote bags that I do not need only to carry these multiple items home? Very possible.

Will everything be fine?

Yeah, most likely.

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