I wanted to headline this article "Abroad Regret," but that would have been wrong. I do not regret it, I am just nervous about it.

I guess I have pre-jitters.

This summer I plan to travel abroad to London, Paris, Prague, Strasbourg, and Berlin with LSU's Media and Politics Program. Truly an experience of a lifetime. But now anytime the idea creeps into my head, I am immediately flushed with anxiety. I have been eyeing this trip since freshman year (I am a junior, going on senior), so now that it is actually happening the nerves are beginning to creep in.

The money needed for the trip is one factor alone that could easily cause grey hair. But since I have been planning on taking this trip for a while, it is not completely eating me alive anymore.

^ My bank account lying to me that I can take this trip.

The other aspects associated with the trip are now beginning to have their wrath.

One major one: 15 other students are going on this trip, and I do not know a single one of them. Time to whip out my inadequate social skills I guess?

^ Me in every social situation. Ever.

Everyone who has ever gone abroad always insists that abroad friends are forever. But what if this isn't always true? What if the other students don't relate to my crippling awkwardness? What if the teachers become my only friends because they feel bad for me? Knowing me, this is entirely probable.

^ My professors to me.

Also, I am your basic b*tch who thrives off Nike shorts and t-shirts. This is not acceptable at all in Europe because they actually have fashion sense. Apparently, Europeans dress like they always have their shit together (which is always my goal, but I seem to never achieve it) so I need to get it together.

So, it's time to turn to the all-knowing Pinterest for help. I have spent endless hours scrolling through pin boards trying to learn how to become fashionable. I think it's starting to pay off, but I am also broke and haven't been able to buy any new clothes. So there's that.

^ What it looks like to become a slave to Pinterest's addictive powers.

Lastly, I know I am going to be insanely homesick. I am aware that I will definitely be awestruck by Europe's beautiful art and all, but I will also be missing all my loved ones back home in Louisiana. I am super sappy when it comes to long distance and missing people, so I pray that I don't drown in my own tears.

But I will also only be gone for a month, so there is a solid chance I will survive.