It's about a week before school begins, and you look at the mess in your room and know it's time to begin packing.

You realize classes are going to begin soon.

So you hit the mall and get more clothes you don't need.

You come home and see your mom did all your laundry for you.

But then you realize you actually need to start packing.

So instead of doing so ... you procrastinate and say goodbye to the squad.

When you realize how much you actually have left to do.

And you spent too much time with the crew and only have one night to pack your whole room.

You stay up all night packing because you procrastinated too long.

It's becoming so stressful that you're like

Then you remember you still need things from the store.

But you get everything you need just before all the stores are closed.

When you finally finish packing.

And you're ready to be back at school.