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This article will seem to most, like a eulogy given at a funeral. Since I was not in attendance for Mt. Kelly's funeral consider this my post-funeral eulogy.

Samuel Camp Kelly was not born in the Town of Oxford, but he called Oxford Home. He generously contributed to the then Oxford College on "college hill" In Oxford, Alabama. This is now known as Oxford City Schools. Samuel Camp Kelly Enlisted in the 51st Alabama Cavalry Partisan Rangers in April Of 1862.

He joined what was known as the "Dudley Snow Rangers" this was a specific company of the 51st that nicknamed themselves. They were officially Company "D".

There was a Sons Of Confederate Veterans Camp started in Oxford in 1903 and named after Mr. Samuel C. Kelly. The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) was founded in 1896 by the living sons of Confederate Veterans. These "sons" formed the fraternity to hold something dear to their hearts, Their fathers' sacrifice to their country. The Oxford camp was formed in 1903, only 7 years after the organization had been formed.

Mr. Kelly lived from March 25, 1825, to September 16, 1891. He is buried at the Oxford Memorial Gardens in Oxford, Alabama without a service marker.

My goal is to mark his grave denoting his service and even adding a picture if possible to the stone.

My Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Oxford "Liberty Camp #329" will vote today, (Monday, July 16, 2018) to Rename the camp back to the previous name of Mr. Samuel C. Kelly as well as restore our number to Camp 454. This has been a long, drawn-out process but I believe I am helping carry on the legacy of a Man who fought for his country, doing what he believed to be right and just, defending his home against northern aggressors. We not only have a picture now of Mr. Kelly but we know where the Grave is located, we have access to stone cleaning tools, and we have the ability to hire someone to professionally clean granite or marble headstones.

Today is a Big step for the Oxford SCV Camp we can choose to honor and uphold the Confederate history buried in our town or choose to ignore the veterans at hand and follow another path. I am leaving the decision up to the members at hand, and those new members wishing to join. I can only hope that my camp will feel the same about the issues we are facing and choose to follow the path with me.

Your Humble And Obedient Servant,

Zachary C. Grizzard

Camp Commander

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Oxford, Alabama

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