One of the scariest parts about coming to college (at least for me) was the thought of sharing my bedroom with another person. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, however the fact that I would not have a safe haven to escape to that I could call only mine sounded less than inviting. Little did I know how different the reality would be.

Coming to college is an experience unlike any other, and despite all my dread, I truly cannot imagine surviving this year without my roommate by my side. Through all the ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad, a roommate is there to listen to you vent about (whether she wants to or not) and experience it all with you.

So, to my roommate: there are a laundry list of things you deserve to be thanked for, and if I tried to name them all I would likely be typing this until we return in August (well that is an idea of some possible way to occupy myself for the next four months). However, as we embark on our last week in this 4x4 room and I am searching for any possible means of procrastination, I will attempt to tackle a few of the things I owe you thanks for.

Thank you for turning a blind eye to the non-stop flow of tears the first week of school. We were just getting to know each other, and still embarrassed to own up to the fact that college felt a little bit like what I would imagine hell feels like (chest pains, overwhelmingly high temperatures, non-stop sweat [courtesy of Syracuse University’s lack of fans ANYWHERE], and isolation). But thank you for acting like you didn’t know I was crying and not judging me for it.

Thank you for accompanying me to the dining hall when we could barely even find it, and not judging when all I could bring myself to eat was cereal, but never skipping out on the warm dining hall cookies.

Thank you for sitting in the library with me, and giving me a distraction from work that was full of too many laughs to even feel guilty about the procrastination. Thank you for not kicking me out after the thousand-and-tenth time I recited the first amendment and not judging when I spent the hours I should have been studying singing Hamilton and crying over Derek Shepherd’s death for the 100th time.

Thank you for encouraging me to go out, even when I didn't want to. In the moment I probably yelled at you, but in the end the memories are irreplaceable. These are the best days of our lives, and they are numbered: thank you for helping me embrace them.

Thank you for not judging when I chose to stay in, but rather joining me. The pajama sets, popcorn, and Netflix marathons are just what I needed on those cold and snowy nights in the middle of the winter when the thought of moving from under the covers sounded about as appealing as calculus (that is: entirely unappealing).

Thank you for crafting all my texts, listening to me reread them 20 times, then forcing me to send them despite extreme protest. I literally do not know how you put up with this for an entire year because I even annoy myself, so to this I simply thank you for your patience and lack of murderous tendencies.

Thank you for not kicking me out after I have so much laundry the closet door can't close and then again not kicking me out when the drying rack completely overtakes the room and then again when not kicking me out when I run out of tide pods and have to borrow yours.

Thank you for talking me out of buying a room in a hotel when the walk home at night was too long and cold, and talking me out of eating two calzones at 2 in the morning, and talking me out of texting him back, and talking me out of wearing that outfit, and applying my make-up for every important event ever I need to attend, and all the trillers, and for endless photoshoots, and listening (or at least pretending to) when I tell you all about how "unfair my teachers are" and "annoying this class is."

Thank you for being my friend, mother, doctor, teacher, psychologist, sister, and best friend. Thank you for making our cubicle of a room feel like home. Thank you for making the thought of coming home for the summer to a room in which I need to inhabit alone feel so sad. Thank you for making saying goodbye for the summer so hard.

I miss you already.