Owe It To Myself

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I thought about when you feel something good is about to happen and tried to personify that. When I have a sense that something positive will turn up, I consider the downside as well. This lasts momentarily until I remember that it's my destiny to control and no one else's. I am not implying to not be disappointed if you accept too many new ventures and they fail. However, please be kind to yourself. Your happiness about new things to come matter too.

Something is around the corner

It feels like one of those good things

It constantly creeps up and consumes

My thoughts

My little moments to myself

Not in a bad way,

Not that I'm complaining

It's just strange

When I don't know what's about to happen

The anticipation is like my favorite food

So close but far away

It drags on like a never-ending nightmare

To remind me

That something is coming

Yes, good, but

There's always that one instance

Where the fate turns out to be false

An illusion created to satisfy

What you want

What you feel

But even in this

Was the hope all for nothing?

Was it stupid to wish for more?

But if I don't believe in it


My dreams

Who will?

Then, I am reminded it seems

That wishing is not a waste

And anticipation for something positive

Isn't for naught either

This life can make impossibilities

Into possibilities

Insignificant into significant

Dreams into realities

But only if I choose

And if I don't

Then who will do it for me?

I've spent my fair days of

Dwelling on never accomplishing

Or living out things that brought me




But in new aspirations,

I find many a light and energy

Once more

What was I waiting for?




One day, when I am feeling sad or discouraged

I'll look back at this moment again

And think, 'That's who I am"

With fearless might, I'll prevail anew

Something wonderful is coming upon the horizon

I feel it ever so closely

I owe it to myself

To attain all of these adventures

Fully and wholly

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