Overprotective Girlfriends NEED To Stop

"You don't own him." This is a phrase I heard again and again but only now have really come to terms as to what it means. In high school, it seems often times that our boyfriends and girlfriends are used as a sense of currency.

They are an item that we have full possession of and sometimes even use as a ladder in social status. Dating the popular guy means that you might have your social status raised, be invited to more parties, your followers will triple on Instagram.

All in all, I think the wild possessiveness women often exhibit over their boyfriends and partners is something that feeds into the sexist narrative that women are crazy. The thing above calling women crazy is that it's a lot easier to debunk it when there isn't fuel constantly being thrust into the fire.

Girls, if we want to defeat the sexist narrative that women are psychotic there's a lot of work to be done here.

Number one rule, people aren't possessions.

You don't own your boyfriend and him talking to other people of the opposite sex shouldn't come as any sort of threat to you unless you're not confident in your relationship. Unless you have a valid reason that he might cheat on you, such as cheating occurring in the past.

We need to push past the "crazy ex-girlfriend" phrase or in this case the "crazy current girlfriend." We need to realize that we as creatures are social and you don't ever own possession of another individual.

The fact that physically speaking with another person is seen as some sort of act of infidelity or treachery is ridiculous to me.

Trust is an absolute necessity in a relationship and if you are constantly worried about every single person that your boyfriend is conversing with, then you don't have it in your relationship. It's time to push past the stereotype of the crazy that we are constantly hovering over our phones, foaming at the mouth being driven to literal insanity wondering if he is talking to anyone else.

Dignity and trust it something I truly do think a vast majority of people in this generation are significantly lacking in. Confidence is beautiful and lacking it both in yourself and in your relationship is a tragedy.

Your erratic behavior in regards to your boyfriend and whom he conversing with really works as a mirror of your own securities, confident people aren't afraid that they aren't good enough to be loved by their partners.

You're good enough and jumping down the throat of every girl that speaks to your man proves that you think differently about yourself than you should.

You're good enough and he knows that. You should too.

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