As we go through life, we often leave people behind, and others leave us behind as well. We grow and change every day, but those around us don't also grow at the same pace and sometimes change in ways that no longer make us compatible.

Personal growth is important. We should not limit ourselves, but rather we should always strive to be the best version of ourselves we can be: in self-love and care, in kindness to others, in spirituality, and in what we give to the world. And everyone's interpretation of their best self with be different from the person next to them. That's what makes everyone unique and what makes this world such a beautiful and complex place. And while some know the importance of growth and change, others are reluctant to take part, becoming stuck in their ways. It is these people in our lives that we must watch out for because they may blind us and turn us from parting on our personal journeys.

Sometimes, if we continue to move forward, we leave these people, or these people leave us. While the severance of a relationship or the end of a friendship is sad to see, sometimes it is for the best. We outgrow these people, but that doesn't mean we never loved them, and it definitely doesn't mean we never learned from them. But some people can only teach us so much before we must continue onward, leaving them in our past, only taking the lessons with us.

While leaving those we care about behind us is an upsetting, even scary thought, we cannot let that fear keep us from growing, from learning, and from becoming the best version of ourselves. Because even if you have to leave one person in your past, there will still be people there to walk along your journey with you, and even more waiting down the road to meet the amazing person you've become.