6 Things You Feel When You Move Out-Of-State for College

6 Things You Feel When You Move Out-Of-State for College

You are going to say the name of the state wrong...

Some of us wanted to get out of our godforsaken town for an experience of a lifetime: College. Some moved just over the state line, some two or three hours away, some even more! Me? I moved about 700 miles away and 10.5 hours away from my small hometown of Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Where am I now? University of Wisconsin-Whitewater! This small campus with a big campus attitude! I absolutely love being a Warhawk, but at times, I miss being a “Somerset Golden Eagle.”

1. You are going to miss your family and friends

At first, moving away was like a vacation away from my crazy family, and it may seem that way to you as well, but you will miss them. This goes for your high school friends as well too (including the ones you’re not friends with anymore), there is no doubt about it!

2. You are going to get homesick

Homesickness comes in different ways, especially for me. When I would get really homesick I would time out exactly how long it takes to get home and the exact time that I could spend with my family and friends before I have to be back in class on Monday. I would also see things that would remind me of someone in my family or one of my friends, then there would be this pit in my stomach, a sense of emptiness. THAT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! (I will probably visit my family one weekend soon, but it is only week four of classes, one day, but soon.) My advice for homesickness for any out-of-state students, or any freshmen for that matter, call your mom and dad, friends, aunts, uncles, other family members…Trust me, they miss you too!

3. You are going to miss your hometown stores and restaurants

In my hometown there were many local companies and stores that I took for granted: chip and milk companies; SHEETZ; local restaurants; and more! I am sure you are missing those things as much as I am missing Snyder of Berlin Chips, Galliker’s milk, and SHEETZ, but learn to embrace the new culture; and enjoy the local shops and the state’s main sellers (cheese and beer?)!

4. You are going to miss your pets

(This is my cute doggo!)

At first I thought being immersed in silence without my rowdy beagle being around was a good thing…I WAS WRONG I never thought I would miss my little dog and my old cat as much as I do now. The great thing about some colleges, and especially at mine, there are pet therapy sessions where they bring in a few dogs two to three times a week and the students get to pet them and hold them in the library! It really helps when you are stressed out or just missing your fuzzy friend!

5. You are going to say some funny things

You may think this one is a joke, but it’s not. Living around the Pittsburgh area and then moving out to the Midwest, I say EVERYTHING WRONG or I say different slang terms that the “natives” don’t understand or vice versa. Anytime I say a certain word, like “Wisconsin,” I am saying it wrong only because I have a dialect. (This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a really good conversation starter.) My advice for this is to learn the local slang but stay true to where you are from!

6. You are going to miss your high school teachers

Senior year, for me, I made a lot of good connections with my teachers, and some I wish were still teaching me at my university, however, they can’t travel with me, so I just send them a quick text or email telling them how I am doing. This one isn’t for everyone. I have friends back home who don’t miss high school at all and “hate the place,” but there are some aspects that I miss of high school, like the people who taught me so I could be ready for a college level of learning.

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10 Things I Learned My First Year of College

Don't make the same mistakes I did.

The first year of college always comes with a giant learning curve. I picked up a few tricks that I am going to share with y'all so you don't make the same stupid mistakes I did.

1. Be Prepared

Always keep a phone charger, headphones, snacks, and an umbrella in your bookbag at all times. Trust me you'll need them almost every day.

2. Stay Hydrated

Buy a reusable water bottle to take with you. The campus will likely have water fountains in every building so you can refill it on the go.

3. Keep Your Change

Save all of your change! Especially the silver coins! It'll add up quick and God knows you'll be that typical broke college kid at some point with no shame paying for your Chipotle with all your quarters.

4. Go To Class!

For the love of all that is good in the world, DON'T SKIP CLASS. I am so guilty of this and have tried to work on my habit but trust me, save those absences for when your actually sick or for a trip later in the semester.

5. Be Friendly with People in Your Class

Talk to the people who sit next to you in class and exchange phone numbers. If you ever do miss class, they can be your go-to for the notes you missed.

6. Get Some Good Shoes

Invest in some good walking shoes. You're going to be doing a lot of walking and blisters will really f up your day.

7. Meet With Your Professors

Talk to your professors. Go to them for help, email them, establish a relationship. It'll show them that you are putting forth an effort in their class and they will be more willing to write you a good reference in the future.

8. Shop Smart

Don't be ashamed to ask for that student discount. Whip out that student ID and abuse that shit. A lot of stores, the movies, ice skating rinks, and theaters will offer a discount to students.

9. Get A Long Phone Charger

Get a long-ass phone charger. Your bed will most likely be lofted and you're going to want to use your phone in bed at 3 am when you can't sleep.

10. Go Out and Do Things!

Last but certainly not least, Make time to go and do things. Your time in college is definitely a time to learn but you'll go stir crazy if all you do is study and do homework. The reading can wait. You can make it to that movie.

These are just some of the many, many, many tips to help de-stress your life and trust me, college is STRESSFUL.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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14 'Parks And Rec' GIFs That Sum Up Every College Semester

Sometimes the struggle is just all too real.

Ah, College. It can be the best of times and the worst of times. Are you even a college student if you've never gone from thinking college was the greatest experience of your life one day to considering why you decided to even come to college the next? I know I have, and I think every college student will read at least one of these "Parks and Rec" GIFs and think "Me AF".

1. Coming back from break and realizing you don't have your mom to do everything for you anymore.

What do you mean I have to buy my own groceries?

2. Being determined at the very beginning of the semester to pass all your classes with straight As.

THIS is the semester you finally get your priorities straight.

3. Deciding to 'wing' your Monday test.

Watching reruns of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" instead of studying for your Econ test probably wasn't the best decision after all.

4. Getting your first bad grade of the semester back.

One bad grade IS the end of the world when you started off with such high aspirations.

5. Getting your first good grade of the semester back.

College thought it could tear us down but we are back on top!

6. Having at least one mental break down.

Having three tests and two essays due in the same week can really take a toll on a person.

7. Becoming a therapist for all your friends.

After all, you aren't the only one knee-deep in stress.

8. Those rare nights every now and then when you decide to get decent sleep.

At this point, you've probably forgotten what feeling "not tired" was like.

9. Being reminded how awful group projects are.

Is it even possible to be put in a group where your not the only one doing the work?

10. Eating anything- especially if it's free.

Finally- something other than ramen!

11. Surviving off of naps.

There is ALWAYS time to fit in a nap if you try hard enough.

12. Nearing the end of the semester and having next to no motivation left.

You've made it so far- yet have such a long way to go.

13. Entering finals week.

You will spend most of the week questioning your sanity rather than studying.

14. Surviving the semester AND passing all of your classes.

You somehow managed to survive another semester- maybe college isn't so bad after all!

Cover Image Credit: Huffingtonpost.com

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