'Leagues' Should Have Nothing To Do With Looks

'Leagues' Should Have Nothing To Do With Looks

Personality is EVERYTHING.


I think I'm a pretty average looking girl. I'm 5'0 with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a curvy build. However, all of this is taken over by my one striking feature; my very large boobs. Because of these giant sacks on my chest, men consider me to be hot. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate the compliment, but I find it rather annoying when I show interest in someone that others deem unworthy of me and my boobs. Then comes the dreaded phrase, "you're out of his league."

I can't stand the idea of leagues simply because they have nothing to with one's personality and everything to do with looks. In my lifetime I've met plenty of extremely attractive men with the most lackluster personalities imaginable. For me, good looks have never been a priority in a boyfriend. Everything that I find important is in the personality. Is he nice? Does he respect women? Does he have dreams and aspirations? I couldn't care less about his hair color or body type.

I started this article by describing my physical features to give you a visual of what I'm dealing with here. It doesn't give me great joy to know that men think I'm out of their leagues just because of how I look. If someone is going assume he doesn't have a chance with me, I'd much rather it be because of my personality.

I recently won a date through my local radio station. The date was very public and a photo of the two of us was posted to the station's multiple social media outlets. I was super annoyed to see all of the comments posted about how people couldn't believe he scored someone like me. Keep in mind, all these people knew nothing about us personally, yet I was somehow still out of his league. Do you know how rude that is?

Looks should not be the deciding factor when it comes to dating. Who cares if you've got eyes as blue as the ocean and the body of a Greek god? If you've got a terrible personality, nothing else matters. Looks will fade, but a person's personality will be the reason you fall in love.

If you think otherwise, you're going to have a hard time finding a league to join.

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To Those Who Aren't Receiving The Love They Deserve From Their Significant Others

Your sanity should always come first.


I don't consider myself an expert on relationships in any way, but from being in a happy and committed relationship with the most incredible boy, I see how boyfriends should treat their girlfriends. Every girl in a relationship should always feel loved and appreciated and should be treated like a princess. Healthy relationships are compromised of communication, trust, friendship, and most definitely not constant tears.

Obstacles in a relationship are completely normal and even quite important because it's vital to know how your partner will react in a difficult situation, but it's not ordinary to be arguing every single day. Nobody should have to question how their boyfriend or girlfriend truly feels about them or should feel degraded due to their unhappy relationship.

Your partner should be your better half and transform you in a positive way. You should always feel excited to see or speak to your partner and should never consider them a burden. It's important to be able to turn to your significant other when times get tough and trust that they'll always be there to support you and not add to your pain.

I absolutely adore all of my friends and believe that they deserve all the joy in the world. I have very high expectations for their boyfriends or girlfriends because I know what amazing people they are and I hope they find someone even half as incredible as they are.

Too often I see my friends cry for various reasons, but they all can be traced back to the same subject: their boyfriends. Whether their boyfriend kissed another girl one drunken night or called them unkind names, they typically stay with their loved one because they're comfortable with that lifestyle. After multiple phone calls hearing that their boyfriends repeated these actions or progressed to even more vicious behavior, I always wish that I could just end the relationship for them.

Whether I know a person or not, I always feel the urge to protect someone that I see isn't being cherished the way they should be. Relationships should be based around respect and if you can't provide that for your significant other, you simply shouldn't be with them. Nobody is perfect and everybody has their faults, but there will never be an excuse to make someone feel unappreciated or mistreated.

Many people can't detect when their significant other is treating them in an abusive manner or they simply choose to ignore the signs. Abuse does not have to be physical in order to be considered abuse; mental abuse is actually the most common form. Hurtful words can be equally as damaging to a person as physical cruelty.

Name calling, guilt-tripping, and put-downs are just some examples of mentally abusive behavior.

When someone is in love, they often put on a metaphorical blindfold whenever their partner performs immoral actions because they don't want to admit to themselves that it really happened. Nobody wants their relationship to end in heartbreak, so people do everything they can to forgive their significant other and forget about what happened.

Of course, people make mistakes and it's important to be forgiving, but when wrongful actions become repetitive, it should be a major red flag. Fighting with the person you love most every single day takes a large toll on a person and affects their lives as a whole. If you find yourself transforming into a depressive state due to your relationship, it's most likely not one you should remain in.

I don't believe that the primary action that should be taken should be to break up because I'm a firm believer in second chances, but if your partner has been treating you poorly, they need to be made aware that that type of behavior is not acceptable. Once they've been told, if nothing changes after a suitable about of time, it's time to eliminate them from your life.

Breakups are never easy even if you're the one to make the decision, but over time, you'll most likely find yourself feeling liberated and refreshed if you part with your unhappy relationship. That relationship is in no way a complete waste because you'll be made aware of the characteristics that you must beware of in future relationships. Someone out there will be willing to treat you so, so much better, but you have to be willing to find the confidence to leave your abusive partner before you can find that happiness with someone else.

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