I think I'm a pretty average looking girl. I'm 5'0 with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a curvy build. However, all of this is taken over by my one striking feature; my very large boobs. Because of these giant sacks on my chest, men consider me to be hot. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate the compliment, but I find it rather annoying when I show interest in someone that others deem unworthy of me and my boobs. Then comes the dreaded phrase, "you're out of his league."

I can't stand the idea of leagues simply because they have nothing to with one's personality and everything to do with looks. In my lifetime I've met plenty of extremely attractive men with the most lackluster personalities imaginable. For me, good looks have never been a priority in a boyfriend. Everything that I find important is in the personality. Is he nice? Does he respect women? Does he have dreams and aspirations? I couldn't care less about his hair color or body type.

I started this article by describing my physical features to give you a visual of what I'm dealing with here. It doesn't give me great joy to know that men think I'm out of their leagues just because of how I look. If someone is going assume he doesn't have a chance with me, I'd much rather it be because of my personality.

I recently won a date through my local radio station. The date was very public and a photo of the two of us was posted to the station's multiple social media outlets. I was super annoyed to see all of the comments posted about how people couldn't believe he scored someone like me. Keep in mind, all these people knew nothing about us personally, yet I was somehow still out of his league. Do you know how rude that is?

Looks should not be the deciding factor when it comes to dating. Who cares if you've got eyes as blue as the ocean and the body of a Greek god? If you've got a terrible personality, nothing else matters. Looks will fade, but a person's personality will be the reason you fall in love.

If you think otherwise, you're going to have a hard time finding a league to join.