The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias, Entrepreneur

The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias, Entrepreneur


I grew up in Youngstown, OH, brought up by a single mom who worked multiple careers just to make ends meet. Growing up in Youngstown, there is a lot of negative impact on that can impact a young mind & established someone over a course for failure. I in the beginning received distracted with this lifestyle, getting involved with drugs & guns, and spending time in a teen detention center.

Fortunately, with the support of along with an early exposure to some positive mentors, We were able to break free from that culture. In senior high school, I found my place on the football field. Being an athlete gave me the channel Required to concentrate my energy. It educated me the value of work & dedication, and it was my launch in to the thing I’m most excited about to this day, leadership. My high school graduation team went on to take the state of beautiful hawaii championship, and I put in my school years as a starting safety at Mercyhurst University. Simon Arias I was captain of both my high school & college or university teams & it was this introduction to management where I first believed like I’d learned my calling.

I believe what’s most unique about my tale is the perspective it has given me anytime. From standing in wellbeing lines and being included in destructive behavior, to becoming a multi-millionaire and leading others to raised their lives. It’s a point of view that not many people have.

That is incredible. How did you wrap up leading the corporation?
Following graduating college, That i knew of We wanted a results-based job. My competitive nature and relentless work ethic would take me where I actually wanted to be, We just needed to find the appropriate vehicle to apply it to. I received a call from Marcus Smith at American Income Life, which is where I found the perfect opportunity. Once My spouse and i was in the door, I became a cloth or sponge. I found mentors and implemented everything that they taught me.

At first, I set my goals on belonging to the top salespeople & I actually quickly accomplished that. After i got into management, I actually became adoringly obsessed with leadership. My new objective became developing others and helping them accomplish their goals. It’s great to achieve personal success, but knowing that you’ve improved another person’s life for the better is what’s most rewarding.

Within a several years, My spouse and i opened Arias Agencies in Pittsburgh and have since expanded my business to be one of the best producing agencies internationally. All of us currently have twelve office buildings over five states, with plans for further growth on the horizon.

When you started you were the David against many Goliaths. Today you will be the Goliath. What was your technique to “slay all those giants”?
According to what arena you’re looking, everyone is a player & many people are an instructor in some facet of life. A player or a coach, a David or a Goliath, you have to know your role at any given time. I started as a player & did everything my coaches informed me to. Coachability is one of the main qualities that acquired me to where My spouse and i is today.

There’s an old quote about sitting on the shoulders of Leaders. That’s what I performed early in my job. Instead of slaying the giants, I stood on their shoulders. I found my mentors & would whatever was necessary to take me to the next level. I outworked others around me, remained focused, and eventually found myself in a situation where My spouse and i was mentoring others.

You must be familiar with principle of “Pay Now, Take up Later. “ When Now i’m coaching people on The GRIND, I’m always worrying that you have to be willing to sacrifice. Get up early on and outwork everyone around you. You have to get rid of the idea of “Work-Life Balance. “ You can have average work-life balance your entire life, or you can the actual hard work up front to enable you to take it easy in the long run. When you spend many years working like others won’t, you’ll later have a life that most others can’t.It’s just like constructing a building. In the early phases of building your business, if you’re not working relentlessly on building the strongest foundation possible, everything is bound to fall. Sacrifice creates opportunity. Get mentors and be totally coachable.

There will, no doubt, be obstacles. It can your responsibility to assume them and proceed it. Tough times don’t previous, but tough people do. Eventually the tough times pass and those who keep fighting find a way to stand up. In the event you fall down several times, you need to get up eight. Your mentality must be that you’ll deal with through whatever adversity that stands in front of you.

First and foremost, we produce a family culture & an exciting atmosphere. We as people spend a whole lot of our time working, so it’s important that we create an beneficial environment.
Secondly, it’s important to take the time out to buy your people. Not only in a small business sense, but privately as well. You’ve acquired to add value to a person’s life beyond business. I put a solid give attention to enriching peoples’ lives mentally, physically, and mentally.
Lastly, 60% of development comes from the top 20% of the team. Simon Arias When you have a person making a special contribution to the business, you have to admit that and treat them special. You have to recognize your top players and give them the ball.

I actually spoke earlier on my relationship with the God. I think that if the Lord sees I am able to be trusted with a little, he may bless me with a lot. Can My spouse and i pass quality and be a good steward?

“A generous person will succeed; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. “ Is actually the giving that requires the getting. It’s the simple concept of Karma. We’ve all heard “what goes around comes around” and it just looks that I’ve witnessed time and time again that whenever we give, in the long term, we conclusion up being successful. Occasionally the success is immediate, sometimes indirect, but My spouse and i have personally witnessed the manifestation great Karma and the rewards it has to offer.

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The Definitive Ranking Of Big 10 Mascots From Worst To Best

Purdue Pete faintly reminds me of a horror movie character, but it's fine.

The 2017 college football season was undoubtedly one of the best in history. It featured many twists and turns, with constant excitement along the way.

The Big Ten, though it did not have a playoff team this year, had an extremely successful year, with 8 of its 14 teams receiving a bowl bid, and going 7-1 in those games (thanks, Michigan).

With that success, I decided to take a look at what really drove the conference's great year. My conclusion is simple: the mascots.

Without the mascots, who would be there to cheer on a team like Minnesota? Probably no one. Here it is, the 2018 B1G mascot rankings.

14. Ohio State Buckeyes

Their mascot is a nut. That’s it. Also, Brutus Buckeye is not appealing to the eye, whatsoever. He looks so awkward, which is the point of the cartoon-y mascots, but he is just hideous. It also would lose every mascot battle, due to his physical inability to fight. Again, he's just a nut.

13. Penn State Nittany Lions

Apparently, some guy made up the Nittany Lion nickname in the 1900s. It’s not actually a real animal, so it gets docked down. it also looks like something you'd find at a Goodwill or an antique shop, so, it's a no from me.

12. Iowa Hawkeyes

The Hawkeyes lose because I don't know why it exists. Is it literally the eye of a hawk? Is it like some farm-related thing? I don’t really know, so that really hurts its grade. Herky the Hawkeye is also a bad name for a mascot. Plus, it shares a name with the worst Avenger (Avenger rankings will come separately). It’s still a thousand times better than a Buckeye, though.

11. Indiana Hoosiers

Someone from Indiana is called a Hoosier. That’s how Indiana thought really hard and picked themselves a mascot. There are some great people who have come out of Indiana, but it's just not there for me.

10. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Gophers are not really that threatening. Of all the rodent-related mascots in the Big Ten, they clearly come in last place in terms of intimidation, and it just looks wayyyy too happy. Why it smiles all the time, I don't know. Its lack of muscles make it so very weak-looking and less scary than their sports teams, which aren't too scary to begin with. Sorry, Goldy.

9. Maryland Terrapins

Terrapins are a small type of turtle. Not a snapping turtle. Not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Therefore, they suck. The name of the mascot is Testudo, which makes me a little uncomfortable, but it's whatever.

8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Of all the colors that Knights could be, I feel like Scarlet is way too complex— just choose red, black, white, I don't really care... just choose something normal. However, I expected this from Rutgers — they can't do much right.

7. Purdue Boilermakers

This shouldn’t be that threatening. Boilermakers are just people trained to make steel things. But think about it: Boilermakers have access to fire and can make swords, hatchets and axes, which are all very unsafe and scary. Also, Purdue Pete faintly reminds me of a horror movie character, but it's fine.

6. Illinois Fighting Illini

This mascot seems really redundant. This would be like if the Hawaii Warriors were the Hawaii Hawaiians or something. The key here that makes it scarier is that they put the word “Fighting” in front. If it wasn’t for that, they would be at the bottom, but for now, still not as bad as the Buckeyes. Again, it's a nut.

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers

When I think of corn, I don’t think scary. But there is a horror movie called “ Children of the Corn,” where children ritually murder adults in their town to ensure a successful corn harvest, which helps to color my perception of the Cornhuskers.

Also, I think we gotta cut Nebraska some slack. They have to live in Nebraska, which sucks. On top of that, Herbie Husker seems like that genuine, kind, farmer type that we all can love, so I put some respect on his name for that.

4. Northwestern Wildcats

The Wildcats would be a better nickname — possibly even top nickname — if it weren’t for one movie. That movie, ladies and gentlemen, is “High School Musical.” No other wildcats will ever top those wildcats. But seriously, wildcats is so overused it hurts. They should be something like the Knights or, really, anything original.

3. Wisconsin Badgers

When Wisconsin first became a part of the U.S., immigrants moved here to mine, and they lived in their mines like badgers. Badgers can be super vicious like the honey badger, but badgers are also lowkey super cute. This two-faced personality puts Bucky near the top.

2. Michigan State Spartans

The Spartans, in ancient times, were known for being the toughest fighters in Greece, basically killing their opposition when confronted. I felt the natural need to put them near the top so I wouldn't be attacked by a Spartan. But really, they have to be the most intimidating mascot in the B1G, nobody wants to tango with a Spartan, not even the honey badger.

1. Michigan Wolverines

Jim Harbaugh fits the model of a Wolverine better than anyone in Michigan's athletic program. He's vicious, does not care at all about your opinion, and does what he wants. Not to mention, he's a bit crazy. In reality, Jim Harbaugh is the face of the B1G, some people just don't realize it.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram | @skydeckchicago

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