Look up! You would say

As the stars began their alignment

In the summer sky and blue haze.

That's when I'd follow your gaze

And stare up into space

With a bedazzled look upon my face.

The smell of citrus and barbecue;

Roasted marshmallows and lemonade.

Our thoughts were as clear as the sky.

Look up! You would say

As the flakes came falling down

In the dark December night

The eternal ray of light in your eye

You'd kiss my lips and I'd kiss your nose

We'd fall down in the snow

As the Christmas lights would glow

And wave our limbs to make angels.

Look up! You would say

When I couldn't see the light in your eyes

Or the light in my own anymore.

Galaxies dismantling;


Tumbling down into a deep deep hole

A mess that the universe built for us to conquer

My thoughts were as blurry as my tears.

Look up! I imagine you saying

When evening approaches

Seven o'clock on a Tuesday night

When the feelings are just right

As I drown in waves of missing you.

Salty air, seafoam crashing on the rocks

I pull out your letters and photo from the box

That you gave me on the day it all changed.

Hair blowing in the wind, I lift my head up

And look at the one thing that keeps us alive.

A symbol of unity

Two worlds separated by the death of a star

Ultimately born back and connected by

Orion's Belt.