2018 Will Be My Year

Lots of things happened for me in 2017. It was a big year for me. I went to many competitions, spoke at Maker Fair and attending some summits. I also learned four new developer frameworks that year: Solidity, Meta Quotes 5, Pinescript, and CakePHP. However, it wasn't a good year in general. 2017 was a learning experience with many mistakes and bumps in the road. The year ended with some disappointments as well as hard lessons. However, I probably wouldn't have changed a thing.

2018 though is when I look back and reflect. One of my biggest problems in the beginning of 2017 was that I got too emotional. This is something I may have a difficult time improving in 2018 (if at all). I became too insecure, too easily attached early, or transitioning between insecure and arrogance fairly easily. I also put so much emphasis on making my father proud that at times it overwhelmed me with just wanting to feel accepted.

If I struggle to go in the career path my dad wants me to or see his exact vision for my future or act the exact way he wanted, some things aren't going to change for a while. I need to take more control of my future, work extremely hard and ignore the disappointment. Some things won't change until you take it on yourself to improve on your set path. Then at that time, if your parents don't accept you for who you are, that doesn't mean it is your loss.

Another problem I had in 2017 was time management. I made commitments too early as well as put unrealistic time expectations before. I always quotes best scenario times to get things done. However, this hindered the work process. I still struggle with this somewhat. You should always under-promise and over-deliver. That way you don't anger, disappoint, or emotionally hurt anyone in the process.

Also in 2018, I need to make sure I focus on the target. I need to be able to have benchmarks for things I do. I need to be more organized. I need to actually have project expectations as well as plan everything out more articulately. I can't try committing to solve all the world's problems at one setting. I can't jump the ladder on a project too quick. I can't let stuff get to me. I can't be so nervous, and need to start speaking my mind more often. All these can lead to less regret and better outcomes. If not better outcomes, then at least possibly better learning experiences.

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