I know what you're probably thinking: "how can this girl be organized and a disaster at the same time?" Believe me, I didn't think that it was possible either, but here we are. Let me explain a little bit.

My computer is overly organized. Every document on there is sorted into a folder by the class it was for and then each of those classes is sorted into their respective semesters. They're all set to organize alphabetically. In my photos, every photo is in some other album besides just "camera roll." On my Goodreads account, I have nearly 20 different shelves because that's just how my books belong in my head.

I'm not just hyper-organized in the online world though, I'm also a little obsessive with physical objects.

For example, I spend weeks researching the perfect notebook to buy on Amazon so that I can draw my own planner because I'm that picky about the layout of it. My book collection had been organized several different ways in real life ranging from alphabetically by author's last name, by color and height, and by genre and then alphabetically within that because I just can't choose one. Once when I put them on the shelf "just however they would fit," I had to rearrange all 200+ of them the very next day because I couldn't stand it.

In my school notebook, each class has its own section in my 5-subject notebook and then each class has a corresponding pocket in a folder. I have one of those accordion files to keep old tests and assignments, sorted first by subject then by individual class, then date.

When I study, I color coordinate my notes, each highlighter meaning something different. I have to do annotations a lot as an English major and you'd better believe that when I do them, every character gets his/her own pen color and things like lit. devices, quotes, and page numbers get their own highlighter color.

I know, I'm insane. I can't help it.

"But where does the 'chaotic mess' part come in," you ask? Well, my clothes spend the better part of their time not in my closet or my dresser, but on the floor or one of the chairs in my room. I can usually tell you what's where, but it looks like a disaster.

Despite writing my own planner, I constantly forget events or run late. I might color code my notes and annotations, but I'm pretty sure I don't remember much more than other people who just use a normal black pen and yellow highlighter do. With little knick-knacks and souvenirs, I tend to just scatter them wherever they'll fit. They all have a place, but that place might not be as specific as, say, the folders on my laptop.

It might sound like an oxymoron, but I promise that I'm living, breathing proof that you can be a hyper-organized psycho and still also be one of the messiest, most chaotic people you know.