Good organization is not usually the greatest accomplishment or perfect trait in most college students. Although we have an abundance of opportunities at our fingertips, downloading an app on our phones or writing in a planner doesn't always become first on our list of "to do's" when fall semester is approaching. Our lives are not perfectly put together (and if yours is, please tell me your secret), and we have way too many things and thoughts going around in our brains to map out our every move we will be making every day.

However, to make this fall semester even better than spring or summer, we are going to need to change our habits a bit. We won't be making big changes, but enough to get your life a bit more sorted to overwhelm you a little less. It's going to all work out, if you follow along.

1. Buy or download a planner/organization app.


By having a planner, whether physical or digital (I have both in order to make sure I don't forget anything), your everyday life is going to be so much easier. Writing down simple things, such as what readings you need to have done in your Monday night class, and the homework in your Tuesday lecture, and which day you have to work a closing shift, will keep your brain a lot more affirmed with how you need to sort and time manage throughout the week and day. When purchasing a planner, I suggest having one you like to look at as well, because you will tend to forget about it if you don't particularly like it. I suggest carrying your planner around with you at all times, too, because you can write your grocery list, Target buys, and receipts holder (if anyone still holds their receipts). Planners have a lot of uses and are really helpful in maintaining a stress-free day.

2. Get rid of toxic friendships.

Usually, you wouldn't see this sort of tip be on an organizational article, but I think it is really important. When you have toxic people in your life, you tend to lose sight of what you are working towards and how to get there. Having people that try to knock you off course and influence you into poor decisions, whether it be avoiding your work or failing or quitting a job. You aren't going to be able to stay organized and on top of your life. Cut it off, now.

3. Have a great study playlist.

Juja Han

Having music to listen to is extremely helpful when studying and doing homework. By having a playlist already made before you're starting, you are avoiding that task of having to plan out what you're listening to or having to take breaks to skip a song you don't like. Start playing it before you even have your computer pulled up to Canvas and have it playing when you sign off.

4. Set aside time for fun.

Again, not usually something you would see listed and written about on an organizational article, but I think setting aside time to do something that makes you happy is really important. When you only have time set to do homework or work, you are going to get overwhelmed by that and it will defeat the purpose of having your life organized. On a Friday night or Saturday night, write in that you're going out with friends, or you're going to put away all your school books and computer and lounge around - take the night for you, and have a break. Being stressed will only hurt you!

Good organization is important to have. We all need to be semi-organized for our daily lives, and as we inch closer and closer to graduation and adult reality, we are going to need it even more.