Hear Me Out, Oprah Should NOT Run For President In 2020

Hear Me Out, Oprah Should NOT Run For President In 2020

While she sounded presidential, she's not fit for the job.

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, tons of celebrities have implied or announced a possible campaign in 2020. Everyone from actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson to singer and rapper Kanye West seems up for the job. It seems that a celebrity making a successful run paved the way for celebrities to become politicians.

Trump isn’t the first celebrity to run for political office and he isn’t the first celebrity to win the presidency.

Plenty of celebrities have started somewhere in politics, from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura who both ran as governors in California and Minnesota, Clint Eastwood and Jerry Springer who served as Mayors in Ohio and California and even child star Shirley Temple dabbled in politics. Ronald Reagan who played Superman in Hollywood movies served as the Governor of California before taking on the White House.

It’s not to say that a celebrity can’t handle politics, it’s just that celebrities usually start small before going for the big ticket item that is being the President of a powerful and influential country.

When Trump became President, people felt that set the bar for presidency very low. Anyone can become President! You just have to be likable and have a lot of money, which is kind of the definition of a lot of celebrities. However, most people who haven’t had experience in politics in general much less everything that goes into running a populace, don’t understand what it takes. They don’t know what are the best decisions to make and end up making things worse.

Unless a person has had experience politically, whether it being in Congress or being a governor or what have you, they aren’t fit to run an entire country.

Trump should not be the bar. Trump was never even close to the standard. Just because he became the President of our nation doesn’t mean he deserves it. He is unfit for the presidency. This entire year has proved it and the people should not lower their standards because he did it. It is unacceptable. If anything, we should raise our standards. We need someone who knows what they are doing.

And on the side of Oprah running, I understand the appeal. She did sound presidential in her speech, something we’ve been lacking since January 20th of last year. She’s also a woman of color, and I know that’s exciting to my white social justice warrior friends who think, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if she ran? We need diversity in the White House!”

I agree, we failed electing Trump after finally having eight years without an old white rich man as President, but I promise you, there are plenty of eligible women of color in political offices right now who could run a successful campaign if we gave them the support. We’ve got Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, Kamala Harris of California, and Val Demmings from Florida, all women with experience in Congress, senators, and governors who are all over thirty-five.

So please, don’t lower your standards and think, "well, they are well known and likable", they will do an amazing job. Anyone can sound presidential, but can they be presidential. Promote women of color for 2020, but promote a woman of color who knows what they are doing.

We can’t let this be a trend where people who are qualified to do the job don’t get it because someone “better looking” gets it. Use your vote wisely in 2020.

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I'm The College Girl Who Likes Trump And Hates Feminism, And Living On A Liberal Campus Is Terrifying

I will not sugarcoat it: I don't feel safe on my own campus.


I will get right to the point: being a conservative on a liberal college campus in 2019 downright terrifying.

At my university, I'm sure about 90% of the population, both students and faculty, are liberals. They are very outspoken, never afraid to express their views, opinions, and feelings in several ways. There are pride events for the LGBT community, a huge celebration for MLK day, and tons of events for feminists.

Then there's the minority: the conservatives. The realists. The "racists," "bigots," and "the heartless." I am everything the liberals absolutely despise.

I like Donald Trump because he puts America first and is actually getting things done. He wants to make our country a better place.

I want a wall to keep illegals out because I want my loved ones and me to be safe from any possible danger. As for those who are genuinely coming here for a better life, JUST FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK INSTEAD OF SNEAKING AROUND.

I'm pro-life; killing an infant at nine months is inhumane to me (and yet liberals say it's inhumane to keep illegals out…but let's not get into that right now).

I hate feminism. Why? Because modern feminism isn't even feminism. Slandering the male species and wanting to take down the patriarchy is just ridiculous.

I hate the media. I don't trust anyone in it. I think they are all biased, pathological liars. They purposely make our president look like the devil himself, leaving out anything good he does.

I will not sugarcoat it: I don't feel safe on my own campus.

I mostly keep my opinions to myself out of fear. When I end up getting one of my "twisted" and "uneducated" thoughts slip out, I cringe, waiting for the slap in the face.

Don't get me wrong; not everyone at my university is hostile to those who think differently than they do.

I've shared my opinions with some liberal students and professors before, and there was no bloodshed. Sure, we may not see eye to eye, but that's okay. That just means we can understand each other a little better.

Even though the handful of students and faculty I've talked to were able to swallow my opinions, I'm still overwhelmed by the thousands of other people on campus who may not be as kind and attentive. But you can't please everybody. That's just life.

Your school is supposed to be a safe environment where you can be yourself. Just because I think differently than the vast majority of my peers doesn't mean I deserve to be a target for ridicule. No one conservative does. Scratch that, NO ONE DOES.

I don't think I'll ever feel safe.

Not just on campus, but anywhere. This world is a cruel place. All I can do is stand firm in my beliefs and try to tolerate and listen to the clashing opinions of others. What else can I do?

All I can say is... listen. Be nice. Be respectful of other's opinions, even if you strongly disagree. Besides, we all do have one thing in common: the desire for a better country.

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9 Candidates Running In The 2020 Presidential Election

The political state of the U.S. can't get any worse than how it is now, or can it?


Despite just getting done with the 2018 midterms, the candidates who will be running in 2020 are already coming into the spotlight.

1. Elizabeth Warren


As a senator from Massachusetts, Warren is a Democrat and is very progressive. Some of her goals as president would be to fix the flaws in our capitalistic society and place heavier taxes on those with much wealth. If elected, she would be the first female president.

2. Kamala Harris


Like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala is both a senator and Democrat. She has said she wants Medicare for all, and to give a tax cut to the middle class. If elected, she would be the first black, female president.

3. Andrew Yang


As a Democrat who served under the Obama administration, Yang wants a policy to be passed that allows for a minimum income of $1,000 every month, for everyone over the age of 18.

4. Pete Buttigieg


Buttigieg, a Democratic who is a mayor in Indiana, has much experience with redevelopment and infrastructure projects. If elected, he would be the first LGBTQ president.

5. Tulsi Gabbard


A Democratic representative from Hawaii, who wanted to pass a Constitutional amendment to protect and ensure "traditional marriage" now says she understands LGBTQ rights. If elected, she would be the first Hindu president.

6. Kirsten Gillibrand


A Democratic senator from New York, Gillibrand has focused much time attempting to lessen sexual assault in the military. She was more of a centrist democrat at the beginning of her career but is becoming more progressive. If elected, she would be the first woman president.

7. Julian Castro


Castro, a Democrat, worked for Obama's cabinet and was the youngest member in it. Having immigrant grandparents, Castro believes the immigration policies need to be "reconstituted" yet opposes the Wall. He has a twin who also serves in Congress.

8. John Delaney


A democratic representative of Maryland, Delaney has been running since July 2017. He wants to embrace immigration and keep the U.S. globally competitive.

9. Donald Trump


The only Republican candidate to officially declare that they're running in 2020 is Trump, who wants to take up a second term.

There aren't many candidates yet, but from who there is so far, many demographics are represented. So, I have faith in the 2020 election cycle.

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