We all have that one lifelong childhood friend.

That one friend who stuck by your side through good and bad times. That special friend you shared snacks with in elementary school and got ready for middle school neon dances together.

You probably both crushed on the same boy in your high school gym class and suffered through AP exams sitting right next to each other. You two were an inseparable force together, so inseparable your teachers knowingly paired you up for projects and everyone in your class knew not to mess with either one of you.

My childhood best friend has been the peanut butter to my jelly since our very first day of middle school. We met in the cafeteria, actually, over pouches of Caprisun, apple wedges and Ziploc bags of pretzels. How I ended up sitting next to her at the same table still remains a mystery (Did I sit down first? Did she sit next to me since it was the only spot open? Did she share her food?) but I'm glad I met her that day, because we've been lunch buddies for 9 whole years now, and now she's gonna be stuck with my craziness until the day we die.

To say the least, though, we're as different as two people can be. Not just different.

Complete opposites.

For starters, we live on opposite ends of the country—Connecticut, and California.

She has a sister, I have a brother; you guessed it, hers is younger and mine is older.

She's a STEM major who works at a lab aide at a hospital while I'm liberal arts major who writes for the Odyssey.

She's an intensely quiet and private person who fears nothing else more than introducing herself on the first day in class. I'm a notorious chatterbox who's willing to spill my guts to anyone who's happy to listen.

My favorite food is cheese in any way, shape or form (cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, cheese fondue, cheese ramen), but *gasp* she's lactose intolerant.

Think of anything and we can prove we're opposites. To this day, our only similarities include our love for dank memes, dry and sarcastic sense of humor, hour-long rant marathons over the phone and attractive boys with blue eyes. Bonus points if they stare at you with a sexy version of a resting bitch face.

Nevertheless, the beauty of our friendship is that we somehow get along. As corny as it sounds, it seems that even though we're two different people with contrasting personalities and interests, we were just meant to be together.

Perhaps we just get along since we make each other laugh until we're both catching our breaths with tears running down our faces (we call a good joke a knee slapper btw). Or the fact that we tag each other in memes on a daily basis and keep each other's initials on our Instagram bios...not to mention all our record-breaking snap streaks and FaceTime conversations.

But, beyond that…

There's no drama when each of us are pursuing our own dreams in different career fields, and hanging out at different social events and meeting different types of boys.

Not only does she help calm me down when I get overly hyper and start doing things I will regret in 30 minutes, but I help her come out of her shy, protective shell at times she's lacking confidence and feeling timid.

We give each other the best advice because we can see each other's situation from a different point of view. I can trust that she's being 100% honest with me and isn't sugar coating anything because she's willing to tell me what's right and what's wrong without a hesitation.

Not only is she my best friend, but she's someone who became a part of my life, and I can't imagine my life without her.

Both of our moms had said that what we share something so uncommon for two teenage girls in college living thousands of miles away from one another—a true friendship.

Even though we had to endure many changes throughout the years, (not being able to see each other as often, a 3-hour time difference, the addition of a boyfriend who dared to make our friendship a three-way, etc etc) there is no amount of texts, calls or snaps that could possibly define our bond.

She is truly the Blair to my Serena, Drake to my Josh, Salt to my Pepper, Sugar to my Cream, Yin to my Yang...you name it.

We're an inseparable duo for life.