My First Impression of The Bachelor

​My First Time Watching 'The Bachelor' and I'm Not Surprised

This "reality" show may be sexist but at least there's a female version too, right? Right?


When I was a little girl (read: 10 years old), my dad forbade me from watching any of the episodes from the reality television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He thought that I would end up spoiled and would talk back to my parents, and honestly, I can see why. Watching Kendall and Kylie in their early years does not exactly leave you with the impression that they practiced humility. But that's another story. So I never got into watching reality TV because I associated it with my Dad's bad impression of it. Fast forward to today and I'm watching the second episode of this current season (season 23) with some of my sorority sisters. I became acquainted with Colton, the first "virgin" bachelor. I put virgin in quotation marks because I don't believe that for a second and because I really don't like how the producers and marketers publicize this fact about him. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't love my private life being broadcasted all over America. I think it's completely appropriate to share with close friends, but really? Putting this private detail in the media? Come on, Colton.

Maybe you follow this show religiously or maybe you're thinking of starting the show. Whether to watch it or not is honestly up to you but in my opinion, if it's entertaining for you, then watch away. Of course, I call myself a feminist and I don't love that these girls are reduced to their looks or ages at times (Demi, please stop commenting on Tracy's age. Get a grip). However, the show is entertaining which I did not expect. Except for the hour-long "pre-show" before the first episode. My advice would be to watch this show on delay because the filler and conversations can get annoying (is it just me or does Demi sound really annoying?).

What I really wasn't surprised about was how shallow the relationships would feel. In my opinion, there are many other ways to find someone and fall in love (dating apps, anyone? Actually meeting in person? Hello?) so I don't really believe any of the girls when they say they are there "for the right reasons." Maybe there are conversations and connections that go on behind the scene that we can't see, but for the most part, this doesn't feel like love. It seems like an attraction based on looks, and I'm not going to lie but all the girls are really pretty.

The bottom line is that this show is typical reality TV. If you enjoy watching it, then watch it! It may be a bit problematic in my opinion but I'm going to keep watching it. The important thing is to realize that it's not real life and it shouldn't be. And for good reason.

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