Unpopular Opinion: I Liked Jordan Rodgers From The Start

I marked him down as my "winner" on my bracket right after he walked into the limo and I saw the instant chemistry between him and JoJo. Due to the fact that he was first out of the limo, and I had picked the winner from the first night two times in a row previously, I was taking a risk, but I had a feeling he would be getting the final rose. Could it be the fact that he's he's totally my type and my heart sped it up every he smiled? Probably, but I'm the reigning champ in picking the winner three seasons in a row in my family, so the joke is on the rest of you.

When his introduction came on, he caught my eye, probably because he looked somewhat familiar. He then mentioned he used to play in the NFL and that he always felt he had been in the shadow of his older brother, Aaron Rodgers. Despite him being the star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, a.k.a. the arch nemesis of my lifelong favorite football team, the Chicago Bears, I always thought Aaron Rodgers seemed like a really cool guy. Needless to say, I was excited to see two of my favorite things — reality TV and sports — come together.

There were plenty of times during the season when I looked online and wondered if I was watching the same show as everyone else. It seemed everyone thought Jordan was fake and chasing fame, and I didn't see it at all. All I saw was a guy who wanted to find love. People kept on talking about how all he spoke about was his brother, but I noticed the show focused on his family more than he did. ABC and ESPN are related networks, both owned by Disney, so from a PR standpoint, it would be dumb for the show to not bring up Aaron Rodgers.

The week before hometowns, we learned that Jordan's relationship with Aaron was basically nonexistent and that Aaron would not be present for the hometown date. Many (myself included) came to the conclusion that the rift in their relationship was rooted in jealousy due to Aaron being in the spotlight in the NFL. It is not uncommon for two brothers in the same professional sports league to have an unequal spotlight. Take the Benn brothers of the Dallas Stars, for example. It's easy to forget that there are two of them when one is consistently on the top of the league's score sheet, leaving a constant spotlight on him. It's hard to remember that pairs such as the Manning brothers are the exception and not the rule. It is incredibly rare for two brothers to be in the spotlight in the same league.

This idea made the probability of jealousy being the root of the rift in their relationship made sense, and the media ate it up. Jordan said in his introduction video that he always felt he was living in his brother's shadow, which made the jealousy inference seem legit, yet it appeared to be far from the truth in the hometown date episode. It was made clear that the rift was deeply rooted and was not only a rift between Jordan and Aaron but a rift between Aaron and the rest of the family.

I thought Jordan and the rest of the family handled the situation very well and with class, which speaks very well to Jordan's character. Since the episode, the media has gone crazy trying to figure out what the source of the Rodgers family root is. Honestly, the Rodgers family made it clear that it was an issue they did not want to fully address to the public, so shame on the media for trying to dig into a family's personal issue.

Lastly, the tabloid rumors that Jordan was a cheater and a fraud that it seems everyone but me seemed to believe made me ask a question: When the hell did tabloids become reliable news sources? You don't have to work in media like I do to know that almost everything you see on magazine covers when you're in the checkout line at Target is false. We even saw it on this season of the show when JoJo's ex-boyfriend sold lies to a tabloid for attention. Both Jordan and JoJo made it clear after their engagement was announced that the tabloid rumors were not only false but deeply bothered them, so we should all just move on and be happy for them because they're clearly happy together.

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