Dear Writers Block,

First of all, shame on you. I love to write, it is something that calms me down. Writing is something that can take all of my fears away, writing is my out. But yet you come in and think it is ok to just stop me from what I am doing. You mess with every writer’s head, making us question a topic. Heck, you make it hard not to question ourselves. We question how good of writers we are, or even if we are good at picking topics. You are the worst when I am so sure to what I want to write about, then I sit down with my Mac or my pen and pencil. Then my thought goes down, and nothing more. I cannot think of anything else. When you need more than a short paragraph you ruin it. You are the reason why I have anxiety about even posting something. If we struggle to get through writing the whole topic, is everyone going to struggle reading the whole topic? Or are they going to be able to tell where you hit me hard and I struggled to get back up?

You are feared by most writers because you can kill any great idea. You can take any wonderful train of thought and just block it off, like construction on a highway. It doesn’t matter how hard a writer works you can always creep in. While you might not ruin a whole topic, you can take away from a piece of whatever we are writing. Be it a section, or maybe even a chapter. You take our good idea, and can just cut it right after that.

You are so discouraging. Why can’t you just let us writers be? We do not enjoy playing your mind games. You make it so hard when we have a thought at 10 at night and we start to get to it, but we try to finish it the next morning and you are standing in our way. What have writers ever done to you? What have we don’t to deserve this?

Just please for the sake of our sanity, can you just go out and get coffee, and leave it alone.

- All Writers Ever