An Open Letter To The Woman That Will Marry My Brother

I truly believe you are the luckiest woman in the world.

Besides, myself that is. I’ve been absolutely blessed to live my entire life growing up with the most caring and sincerely loving man I’ve ever known. He has always been good at looking out for me in the most inconspicuous ways. Even when we were younger and used to fight like it was our job, I never once felt like he didn't love me, even though he may not have liked me that much at the moment.

When we were both in high school, he always kept a silent look over the boys who used to mess with me. I know he would’ve done anything to keep boys from breaking my heart. He probably would've broken some bones if he had to, even though he is the most pacifistic person I’ve ever known.

I watched him fall in love, and I also watched him get used by a girl who didn’t want anything more than attention. But through it all, he has and always will be the model for what I someday want in my future husband. I used to joke with him that he set unrealistically high standards for boyfriends, but now, well into my first year of college, I’m praising God that he did. I’ve seen my friends get continuously hurt by men who were never taught how to treat women, and I can assure you that Ryan is not one of those men.

It’s been said that one’s character is most tested in the face of adversity. I’ve watched Ryan go through tough situations, and he’s always made it out stronger than he was before. You can be sure that he will always guide you through anything, even while in the midst of his own personal battles, and he will always be a man who brings you closer to God. He has most definitely been a major impact on the person that I am today, and I know he has already made a large impact on your life. I honestly could not imagine my life without him.

Here’s some things you should know about him.

He can do an entire monologue from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and will say the entire thing, especially if you’re laughing.

He will watch any chick flick with you and won’t even pretend he isn’t into it. If you watch 'Mean Girls' with him he’ll be saying, “Ugh, come on, Regina.” during the gym scene.

He will take selfies with you, he may not like it, but he will.

He will binge watch any season of any show with you, and will constantly make references to them in everyday conversations.

He loves to drive, especially if there’s loud music involved. He’ll open his sun roof and all the windows, even if it’s 30 degrees, and “share his soundtrack with the world."

He always, ALWAYS, aims to please. He will go out of his way to make sure you’re happy.

He loves video games, and I don't ever see him growing out of that one. He can spend hours playing one game, and God bless you if you try to interrupt him.

He’s an introvert. However, never underestimate his abilities to be amazingly outgoing. One of my favorite parts about going to school with him was being able to watch him in such a different setting. I don’t think there was anyone that ever met him and didn’t like him. I remember following him around the halls of our high school and there wasn’t a person he passed that didn’t say hi to him.

He’s sensible. He always will be. I can’t even count the times I’ve sent him paragraph long text messages about my drama and he’s responded with the answer I didn’t want but I knew I needed.

He will ALWAYS be there for you. There have been times I’ve turned to him in the very early hours of the morning for help, and he’s stayed on the phone with me for much longer than he wanted.

But even after all of this, sometimes he needs someone to be the one he turns to. He’ll always take care of you, but sometimes you’ll need to be the one to take care of him. Support him, encourage him, and love him, because I know, more than anyone, that he deserves it. He is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet, and he will be an amazing husband.

I could never imagine a life without him, and you are so lucky that you’ve been blessed with meeting him.

So, to the woman who will marry my brother...

Make my best friend and my brother happy—I know you will.


His biggest fan

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