To Using Your Weaknesses for Growth,

Hey readers. I wanted to speak about using things you may not be good at to help you grow. We all have strengths and weaknesses. However, if you feel that it hinders you from accomplishing something that you truly want to do, you have the ability to get better at it or improve.

There will be things you do right and things you do wrong. No one is born able to do everything. Yet, all it really takes is faith.

Faith not only in what you want to do, but also in yourself.

I know that it sounds easy to read or write onto paper than it is actually committing to that. I take a look at my own life and can pick out key moments this applies to. Even still, there were also moments that provided a breakthrough, and I was able to see what I truly was capable of.

If you look at a lot of my writing, I talk about "dreams" quite a bit. It sounds like an elementary idea, but I firmly believe in the dynamic of realizing what one wants. Therein, if it means taking a little more time to improve in a certain area or skill to get to where you want to be, go for it!

Reservations within ourselves will exist. It's natural and there's nothing wrong with that. It becomes something we're able to recognize at some point. However, don't ever give up. That sounds too simple, right?

What I mean is, even if your dream or goal changes, you still have that bit of growth within you to carry onto the next phase of your life. That weakness has become strength. You've built on top of your own foundation. You have accomplished an obstacle within yourself.

We have small things that happen to remind us of this. That varies from person to person. But the message remains: you can accomplish whatever it is you have your heart set on. As long as it is providing health and strength to your inner being, please pursue it.

I hope this letter reaches someone who needs it.