Let me start off by saying I know we do not get along all the time and we tend to butt heads wether its after messing around with each other and it got out of hand or we just do not agree upon somethings. That is perfectly fine because not all siblings get along a 100% of the time and I have learned to accept that. Despite our countless arguments I still love you both and all I want for you two is to succeed in life.

I may act like a mother figure to you, always yelling at you for coming home late or for doing something wrong that mom and dad would not approve of. I can promise you it is only because I want you to succeed! I want you to grow up and be a strong independent woman and man. I know you are still young and hate school. There was a point in high school were I hated getting up and going but you have to hang in there. If you decided to drop out or just simply go but do not apply yourself, you will eventually regret it. Get that diploma not only for your family but for yourself.

No, I am not asking you to go to a big university like me. You really have to be willing to put in that type of work but just getting though high school first should be your first priority. High school is not what its all cracked up to be, trust me. But try to make the best out of it. Worry about college and your life as an adult when the time comes. I want you to be yourself and not feel like you ultimately have to live up to me because that is definitely not what you have to do. Be your own person, do what you love and stay out of trouble.

Having a huge friend group is awesome! Always having friends to hangout with and be there for you is something no one can take away from you but remember your family is at home and would love to spend time with you once in a while. Also choose your friends wisely, surround yourself with positive individuals that have goals and ambitions. People who inspire you to be a better you. Do not let others actions bring you down. Also do not sink to their lows, remember there is always something better to do then getting into some serious trouble.

I am not writing this to tell you how much you should be like me rather I am writing this to tell you how much I care about you and the individual you will grow up to be. I as your sister will always be right behind you and help you when you need help. Although I can not help someone who does not help themselves, so try to help yourselves and be an incredible individual that mom and dad raised you to be. I will not apologize for getting mad at you when you do something incrediably stupid and I will not apologize for correcting you when your in the wrong. Be caring, trusting, surround yourself with good people and find a passion and love it. I as your sister love you and want you to succeed thought life.

Be someone no one thought you could be.


your sister.