I hope you got joy out of it.

I hope that seeing someone red in their face with tears filling their eyes was worth it to you.

Whatever it was that provoked you to do what you did, whether it be me minding my own business and doing some studying or the fact that I was alone and an easy target, I'm sorry you thought it was okay to hurt a complete stranger. My mistake, I thought I was in college and not middle school, where bullying was extremely common with me.

I do this thing a lot, where I have my headphones in my ears but don't have any music playing. Mostly for studying, because I start off wanting to listen to music, but end up pausing it because I can't focus and just forget to take my earphones out. So when you were yelling your insults at me, thinking I couldn't hear you, I could. I heard everything you had to say. And I saw you take out your phone and start taking pictures of me. I'm not oblivious. You were only the next table over from me.

Obviously you didn't care if I heard you yelling names at me, because when I took off my headphones and stared at you point blank, you only yelled louder.

The thing that hurt the most was the people surrounding you, laughing and encouraging my tears. Not only were they doing nothing to stop your insults, they were contributing. Even the ones who didn't do anything, who hid their faces and just ignored it, helped to hurt me.

I tried to keep my cool and stay in my spot. I tried to ignore you and your horrible words, and I tried my absolute hardest not to give you a reason to keep going. I could have said something to you, I could have went to faculty, and I could have reported you for harassment. I didn't.

Instead, I let you get the best of me. And when I had the final straw, and gathered all my books, running to the nearest bathroom in full blown tears, you still had nothing kind to say as you yelled after me.

I hope you're happy.


Slightly More Broken Because of You.