Hey there! Happy finals season.

There's some good news and there's some bad news. The good news: We are almost done! I can count on one hand how many weeks we have left before Christmas break begins. The bad news? The bad news is we still have an unhealthy amount of deadlines to beat before we can drink our hot chocolate and go home.

If you're like me, you lost your motivation around fall break. But you've been trudging through the rest of the semester with a lot of caffeine and limited tears. We've almost made it. And to everyone else, it sounds like we have a week and a half week left so we should be doing a lot of decorating and packing, but the truth is, we aren't done yet. This might just be the most stressful weeks yet.

This time a year there's so much pressure coming from everywhere. Your family wants to know everything about your semester, including whether there will be a boy waiting for you when you get back in January. Finals are SO close that you can't help, but feel them looming, yet you can't focus on them quite yet because there are still three group projects to present and a paper to write before classes end. And somewhere in there, you need to find the time to attend and shop for at least four Christmas parties.

Trust me, I know that right now it feels like you are made up of grades, study guides, and half-way true stories to tell your relatives this Christmas. This time of year is the most cheerful and the most stressful. It's hard to find time to wear Christmas socks and look at Christmas lights when you've got five finals to study for and two classes to pray about because you're not sure you can rebound from a couple bad quiz grades.

With all of this said, I'm here to remind you that you are so much more than these next couple of weeks. You are not your grades, your finals, or group projects. You are not your 8 a.m. or the paper due on Sunday that you haven't started yet. You are not your degree.

You are a human who wants to change the world. You are somebody who is studying to teach, save lives, keep people out of jail, or start businesses. You are the compliment you gave to the random girl in your psychology lecture. You are the laugh you share with your best friend over coffee.

You are the texts you send your mother on the days that life is rough. You are a sister, brother, warrior of Chirst, fighter, inspiration, and friend. You are not the rest of this semester or any other semester for a matter of fact. You are you. And no matter the percentage you walk out with on finals week, that is enough.