You're done. Ready to throw in the towel. Calling it quits. However you want to say it, you're stuck. Every day is starting to blur into one and you're not really sure when it began. You watch everyone else in life moving on to bigger and better and you're at a stand still; working the same job, taking the same classes, eating the same food. It's not that you haven't tried to do new things, it's that you don't know how. You're not really sure how to get back to your perky energized self.

It's one of the biggest challenges college students seem to face. We've typically got friends older than us at this point and we're watching all them graduate and hearing about their interviews and traveling opportunities...and what are we doing? We're sitting on the floor in a pile of never-been-touched textbooks eating tacos.

Is there a way to power through it? If there is, it's not one universal task everyone can easily handle.

Start by opening up your planner or checking your schedule. I'm sure it's the typical: classes in the morning followed by work in the evening (or somewhere along those lines). Oh, and we can't forget the time we spend binge watching Netflix and hitting the gym.

See your schedule? Rip it up. Tear it apart. Do something that involves a change. I'm not saying don't show up to class or work because hey, we could all use the money for more education. Just add some flare back into your day.

If you feel like venting, find that one person that doesn't care how much you talk. Pour your heart out to them if that's what will help. Communication goes a longer way than you actually realize and sometimes you'll be amazed the impact voicing your opinion can have.

Start doing things that are for you. If that involves turning your phone off to get away from social media and your friends for awhile that's okay. This is the time to be selfish. Go ahead and put down the phone. I know you're just scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and seeing all these people living the perfect lives. Trust me, they're not perfect. People show what they choose to show on social media. It's the biggest game there is, and it's genius don't get me wrong; however, this is your time to take care of yourself, don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

I understand you may be experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out). That is normal. This rut that you seem to be stuck in is temporary. Remember that nothing bad can last forever.

Stop staring at yourself in the mirror questioning what is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. You're in the most confusing stage of your life and I promise it's a normal step everyone goes through. When it comes down to it, this is your life and you have more power than you realize. Feeling bad? Make a change. You're young and full of potential. It time you prove it to yourself.