An Open Letter To A Sorority Girl's Younger Sister

Dear Younger Sister,

You often hear me talking about my fabulous "sisters" at college. I've forced you to listen to my sorority stories so many times, you probably feel as though you were there yourself. You're probably extremely tired of seeing me rocking yet another sorority shirt with my letters on them, and if I force you to take cute pictures of me doing my hand sign one more time, you might just scream.

I'm sorry about all that, really. I promise, I only excitedly talk your ear off about Greek life so often because I hope that one day, it will be something that we have in common, Little Sister.

One day, you'll be new to your college, and you'll have to make the choice between going Greek or not. I'm writing this letter to tell you that I really, really hope you give it a try.

Maybe I'll be lucky, and you'll decide to join my organization. You've heard me go on about it so often that you probably know everything there is to know about my sorority already. Thanks to me, you've at least already gottenn the hand sign part down pat. I'm telling you, it would be amazing to be your sister in every sense of the word. It would feel indescribable to share the secrets and rituals that make my sorority unique with you, the sister who always shares all of her secrets with me. 

Maybe you'll go through recruitment and some other sorority will call your name. Maybe you'll start off wanting my sorority, but another sorority will feel like home to you. That's okay too, Little Sister. More than anything, I just want you to be able to have sisters who will be there for you when I can't be. I want you to have sisters who will make your college experience unforgettable, the way that mine have done for me.

Maybe you'll go through recruitment, and decide that sororities just aren't for you. Future me probably won't like that very much, and I might try to talk you into giving sororities a chance, but at the end of the day, I'd accept you anyway. I might disagree with you, but I'd accept you, the same way I had to accept that you were just blessed with better hair than I was and the same way you have to accept that I'm Grandma's favorite. That's what sisters do — we accept each other. 

The point of this whole letter, Little Sister, is that I want you to promise me you'll at least give it a chance. You're not in college yet, so I understand that Greek life seems like some distant thing you won't have to worry about for a long time, but I guarantee that your high school years will go by faster than you can even imagine. 

Enjoy your childhood for what it is, Sister. Enjoy the friends you make in grade school, enjoy math while it's still mostly numbers, and enjoy the excitement that comes with each new grade you enter. Don't rush to grow up, because when you get to be my age, life is significantly harder and a lot more confusing. Don't worry, I promise that I'll be right there to help you through it, and if you give it a chance, so will your future sisters. 

Your Big Sister

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