An Open Letter To Rhode Island Weather

Dear Rhode Island Weather,

At this time last year, I was lounging on my beach chair, basking in the summer sun on the Narragansett sand without a worry in the world. My month of May was filled with warm, sunny days, and my skin was already crisp and sun-kissed.

Unfortunately, this year has not been quite the same. Each night, I fall asleep dreaming of my toes in the hot sand and a Del's in my hand, but each morning I wake up to raindrops on my window and grey skies for miles. Where is the sun?

I check my weather app constantly, hoping to see the little sun emoji next to a temperature that's above 60 degrees. But yet, every time, I am disappointed to see precipitation above 40 percent. Sometimes, I even search for a 10-day forecast, aiming to lift my spirits with a potential beach day in the future. My hopes are again shattered with ten little raining-cloud emojis. Sigh.

As I push my flip flops and sandals to the side of my closet and reach for my clunky rain boots, I can't help but dream of the day I will be digging up my neglected swimsuit from the bottom of my drawer.

Where is the sun, Rhode Island? Where is the warm ocean breeze that cools you down from the summer heat? Where are the blue skies and puffy white clouds? I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, not more showers...

I need tan lines on my shoulders and freckles on my nose. I need to be able to walk around barefoot and build my summer calluses. I need cookouts and spiked seltzers and lots of Del's Lemonade. I need ice cream dates along the seawall, and, most of all, I need a perfect beach day.

Please, Rhode Island, let beach season begin!


A Townie That Can't Handle Any More Rain

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