The Nikola Tesla...

The Henry Ford...

The Walt Disney...

The Rebel.

You know who I'm talking about, right? The rebellious few that stand out from the herd.

Those who are told that they cannot do something because they don't have the mental capacity because they were born a gender and told they had to identify as such or do not have the right resources -- those few, proud folk.

All our lives, we are told to follow the same path. School, college, job, get the gist, right? Well, thank you to the rebels for reminding us that that path is pure bullshit (excusez mon français).

As people, we want to expand. We want to expand our minds, our thoughts, our abilities, and our goals. We just want to push further than anyone thinks that we can because we want to have the satisfaction of shattering both our own expectations and the expectations of others.

You people stand out from the crowd and say, "Fuck your stigma! Imma do me, and you gone do you!" (Again, excusez mon français.) You make your own path, you make art, you make the soul of our generation, even if none of it is appreciated by the day to day fellows. You are the definers of your own generation, even if you do not realize it.

Keep doing you. Keep breaking the rules. Keep exploring, adventuring, and wandering. Keep pushing the boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable.

Above all else, and I can not stress this enough, keep rebelling against what we are told.

You are going to be the voice of this generation, even though this generation tells you "no" a million times. You know what you need to do? Prove them wrong a million and one times. Maybe then, we can finally have The Rebel Generation.