To People Who Say They Hate Country Music

Dear everyone who says they hate country music,

I don’t understand your reasoning behind why you say you hate country music, AKA some of the best music ever. So, I have compiled a list of questions that I would like you to reflect on and then please reevaluate your life choices and turn to your area’s country music station:

Why are you so bitter?

Why do you hate happiness?

Do you prefer the sun to not wash your blues away?

Why do you waste your money on other concerts?

Do you not appreciate hard working people?

Why don’t you like cruising with your windows down because your S.O. makes you wanna?

Are your ears working correctly?

Do you have a personal vendetta against Alabama?

Do you not like attractive people?

What do you have against flannels?

Do you not enjoy the summertime?

Why don’t you like 5:00pm?

Do you not like to be outside?

What do you not like about meaningful songs?

Do you not enjoy the talents of people who can actually sing?

Would you actually prefer listening to what the fox says?

Do you not value being humble and kind?

Do you not enjoy a good cowboy (or cowgirl) boot?

^^This also applies to the hat.

Do you enjoy sitting silently in a car because you can’t understand half the words of other genres and therefore cannot sing along?

Are you one of those people that actually throws rocks at things that shine?

Do you not enjoy a good tailgate?

Do you not know what the curves on the back of your hand looks like?

Do you not love your country?

Do you not like expressing your feelings to your S.O. with a love song?

Why don’t you enjoy smiling like the sun and singing like a bird?

Do you not like reminding your ex why they are your ex?

And showing them what happens when they cheat?

Do you actually enjoy not being on a beach with your toes in the sand?

Why don’t you like being a best friend, telling the truth, or overusing “I love you”?

Why, oh why, do you say you hate country music?

Like I said before, please take all of these questions under consideration when you reflect upon why you say you hate country music. To listen to some country music, I encourage you to tune in to any of these radio stations or listen on iHeart Radio:

101.7 The Bull -- Boston, MA KPLX-FM – 99.5 The Wolf – Dallas, TX

WUSN-FM – US99 – Chicago, IL KKGO-FM – Go Country 105 – Los Angeles, CA

KKBQ-FM – The New 93 Q – Houston, TX KILT-FM – 100.3 KILT – Houston, TX

WKLB-FM – Country 102.5 – Boston, MA WXTU-FM – 92.5XTU – Philadelphia, PA

WKHX-FM – Kicks 101.5 – Atlanta, GA KSCS-FM – New Country 96.3 KSCS – Dallas, TX

KEEY-FM – K102 – Minneapolis,

With your best interests at heart,

Country Music Fans Everywhere

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