A Response To The Older Generations Who Think Millennials Are "Lazy"
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A Response To The Older Generations Who Think Millennials Are "Lazy"

Let's not forget that we're adults too.

A Response To The Older Generations Who Think Millennials Are "Lazy"
Loser City 2016

The truth is, we’re exhausted. Exhausted from our 8 a.m.– 5 p.m. classes, extracurriculars, and homework assignments. We survive on the naps we magically sneak into our schedules and the double shot lattes we see as a daily necessity. Our thoughts are constantly on the future, “What assignment is due next Monday? Can I get one of my co-workers to cover my shift so I can finish the assignment that’s due next Monday? Shoot, I need a summer internship. Where can I get an internship? Ugh, I also need money, but the internship will likely be unpaid. But I need this internship, so I can secure a management position post-graduation,” are all thoughts that have gone through our heads.

It’s a hectic schedule – general education classes, major required courses, oh and the fun electives that turn out to be filled with more essays than you need in your life. But that's it, right? Nope. There’s the club meetings were there’s a likely chance you’re either the President, Secretary, Treasurer or some sort of event planner that coordinates every spec of food, fun, and festivities that involve sharing one of your creative, cultural, social, or academic interests. You’re in charge of an activity you initially found fun, and now your job is to spread this fun to other students, whether it be through a cultural food event, political debate, or dance class. It’s time-consuming, but it’s rewarding. It’s unnecessary, but it's entertaining. It’s stressful, but it’s resume-building.

Yes, I’m aware we don’t have to deal with the stress of paying for all of our bills. If we’re fortunate we have the financial (and emotional) support of our family. But we know the financial toll it take to fund our dreams of becoming a professional in a highly expensive career and we want to help in any way we can. This manifests in the need in be absolutely superior. “If my family is spending “x” amount of money and emotional support to fund my dreams, I better be consistently on the top of my game – academically and extracurricularly,” regularly crosses our minds.

You see our Saturday night photos, dressed in our Forever 21 best and assume that this is the gist of our extracurricular activities. You judge our constant use of our cell phones, as a need to be distance ourselves from personal interactions. You see our go-go-go attitudes as uptight and impatient. You view our “do-nothing” days, as us being a “typical lazy millennial”.

We are filled with constant stress to fulfill high levels of expectations (that sometimes we create ourselves). We need the universal social and business connections social media and instant messaging provides us. For the magical weekend we are deadline and responsibility free – we are 100 percent allowed to spend it however we please. If this includes napping the day away while living on a Cheetos and ramen diet, then so be it.

We may be one-third of your age, but we have a jam-packed schedule that we execute every single day. Don't call us a lazy millennial unless that is you want to see what a crazy millennial looks likes.

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