It was November 23rd, a regular Thanksgiving for most, and a regular Thanksgiving + the Egg Bowl for others.

The game was off to a semi-okay start for both teams, of course, minus the fact State was down 7-0.

We are early in the first quarter, it's a 2nd- and- 7 run, before we know it our beloved Nicky Fitz is down. In that moment there were tears- from him and every Mississippi State fan (obviously)- there was also a lot of questioning. We all worried if he would be back, now we know- according to his tweet, he will be back and better than ever next season.

Nick, you need to know how we are feeling. I am sure you already know, but here it is one more time.

Our dearest Nick,

That "ankle injury" hurt us all. Probably not as bad as it hurt you, but it hurt us probably an equal amount emotionally.

From Davis Wade and sea to shining sea, we all saw it. We all felt it and to be honest we aren't excited about it either.

Only a few of us know you personally, but in that moment we all connected with you. We all saw the pain in your eyes and wanted nothing but healing and peace for you. We saw you lying on that field completely vulnerable and all we wanted was to help you, but obviously, none of us could.

We are hurting with you and for you, Nick, and I know it may not have seemed like it at the time or even days after but Ole Miss was hurting for you too. Even those awful Alabama fans.

Your injury may have been one of the more tragic things to happen to us this season, and we are not in anyway grateful for it, but we are thankful for the leadership role you quickly took on when it happened. You were the one who rallied a team who was lost without you, and then not long after you managed to comfort an entire school and community when we lost our head football coach.

Through this, you have united us all, and for that, we can not thank you enough. Over the past week, you have put on a brave face even though you were probably just as worried as the rest of us. You pulled it together because you knew that everyone needed you. Not just the team, but our whole community.

While we may doubt your throwing arm at times, none of us can doubt your incredible leadership abilities and for that we say thank you.

Much love,