An Open Letter To A Know It All

Dear Friend (I use that word loosely):

Some people always want to prove how smart they are. They take every opportunity to let people know they already know something. You're part of that group of people - AKA know-it-alls.

You probably don't even realize that you are a know-it-all to be completely honest. Is it confidence or a lack of it? Maybe you genuinely are not interested in what others tell you because, after all, you fucking know everything. Maybe not. Perhaps you feel as though you are not "good enough" regarding practically anything and everything - intelligence, appearance, attitude, etc.

And, conceivably you feel like a fake, and a result act like you know everything just to make sure no one finds out your dirty little secret. Then again, maybe you act the shitty way you do because of a combination of both those reasons.

"So, what did you get on the paper?" Liam asks. "An eight" I sigh. "Really?" he asks surprised "I got a thirteen out of ten and I didn't even try. It was a first draft. I didn't even reread it after I wrote it...which was like in an hour." "Good for you" I mumble "I spent probably 20 hours on mine." "I mean I wanted to spend more time on it, but I had so much going on...Cat Club Monday, Video Club Wednesday, Book Club Thursday...Oh and I can't forget about the Quidditch practice I had Sunday! " he rambles on.

You asked me what I got just to gloat about your success.

Congratulations! You get good grades and are extremely involved in extracurricular activities. That's great, except for the fact that you rub it others' faces. And I can promise you that that will come back to you. You may become tremendously successful in life, yet live a sorrowful, lonely life. Then again, maybe you won't. Maybe those people you talked down upon will somehow become your boss. I mean it is a small world. And then what? Well you certainly won't be getting that promotion. After all, nobody like a know-it-all in the workplace.

Life is about more than just success. It's about the people in your life. The moments of bliss to sorrow you share with them. You would do well to remember that.

Nonetheless, I pity you. I mean everyone loathes a know-it-all. Okay, I'm sorry. That's harsh. You're that person people can only take in small doses as you're just too damn infuriating annoying. So, yes people talk shit about you behind your back. And yes, people will often make excuses to get out of hanging out with you.

I know you're probably thinking Well you're a fucking bitch! And you're right I am, but you need to hear the damn truth that no one has the balls to say to your face. It's time to WAKE UP and this is my hard-hearted reality check to you because it seems being blunt rather than subtle is the only way to get through that thick brain of yours. Sometimes he truth hurts.

"So, there's a party tonight...and Nick is going to be there" I hesitantly say, "You think I should go?"

"YES! I'm telling you I'm an expert when it comes to boys. You definitely should go. Just make sure you don't make the first move or any move for that matter." she eagerly says. "Why?" I ask. "Because sweetie he'll think you're desperate." she says "Oh, and if you end up having sex remember that vape juice is a great lubricant!"

Somehow though I just can't trust your advice. Crazy right?! I mean you're an expert. Your words, not mine. You sound so fucking confident, but girl you know shit. You've literally only been in one real relationship and the farthest you got was making out. So please don't lecture me on how you KNOW exactly how relationships and sex works when you've never done either. Goodbye.

You just drive me crazy! In a matter of five minutes, you're able to do something not many others can do - get on my nerves. I'm not the type who gets annoyed quickly. Really. Not many things bother me anymore. I don't see the point in getting upset over 90% of the shit people get upset about.


Because most of those one doesn't have control over, and therefore, getting nothing comes out of getting angry. Why waste life worrying or getting angry over things you can't control? There are three groups of people I get irritated with. The first group? Liars. God, I hate people who lie. Second? Judgmental people. You don't know everything about people. And of course, last but certainly not least, know-it-alls. The worst of the three groups. I can't stress that enough.

"So, what did the doctor say is wrong with you?" I concernedly ask. "Oh, he said I have mono" "Lauren plainly states "But I know I have tonsillitis." "But don't you think you should listen to the doctor? I mean (s)he's a doctor! I think they know what they're talking about" I argue. "No, they're stupid." she quickly remarks. "Okay then..." I sarcastically say under my breath.

You think you know everything medical related. You do realize you're not actually a doctor, right? Or even a nurse? Hell, you've never even taken any type of medical school class! So please do tell me how you have the expertise to correctly self-diagnosis yourself? I mean it may not be a huge deal right now as this only affects your health, but what happens when you start diagnosing others? I can already see it.


"Do you think the foot is broken, Lauren?" asks Julie. "Nah, it's just bruised, Not even sprained." Lauren states.


Too bad that foot is broken. In fact, that foot is so fucked up that that lovely foot needs surgery. But it was just bruised, remember?

Honestly, at this point, I just find you amusing. I mean what the hell is the point? Can't you just nod and say yes? Nope. You always have something to say. Also, you are never wrong. Could you imagine you saying you're wrong? Hahaha. Not in a million years. You have a too big ego for that. But there's still hope for you yet. It's simple to stop being this annoying know-it-all.

Change the way you talk to others. I mean it's not what you say that bothers others (well for the most part), it's how you say it. It's okay to be proud of yourself. Just don't put others down in the process. And if you're need to start learning how to truly embrace and love yourself because your insecurity is only hurting others.


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