Dearest Ice Cream,

I have a lot to say to you and I don't care if the world hears it. Everyone needs to know how amazing and wonderful you are. Not only are you an amazing food that deserves it's own pyramid, but you also know how to make people (especially me) feel better about their lives and themselves. I know I'm not the only one to ever taste your wonderful flavors and be transported to a better life! And I'm okay with this open relationship that we have going on here because I know that you have the ability to make tons of people in this world very happy. I know I really shouldn't be saying this, but I'm really glad that you can change yourself to make different types of flavors because sometimes there are days where I'm really feeling a different side of you. And the way you accommodate for that is amazing.

Not only are you an amazing and refreshingly delicious treat, but you are also amazing all year round! There are certain foods that are especially delicious during one part of the year but nope, not you. Sure people might make special trips to get you during the summer time or the spring when the weather starts getting better, but I can't tell you a single person who stops eating you just because it gets cold out (they might say that they don't want ice cream in the winter, but I think you and I know they are just liars).

Ice cream, you are just simply the best. Sure you might get warm and start to melt, and sure it might get on our hands and get us sticky but that is just the price to pay for a great night out to enjoy your wonderful presence. You don't only comfort us when we need a delicious dessert or a treat on a warm day, you also comfort us when we are sad or in need of some comfort food. I know that I have at least two containers of you in my freezer right now for those emergency nights where there is too much stress and I just want to cry. You are always there for me and it makes me feel instantly better (especially paired with that instant chocolate shell stuff that is an amazing addition to you).

So thank you, ice cream. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you the most. Thank you for not judging me when I eat the entire container in a night and sneak it out to the dumpster so no one will see. Thank you for understanding the dumb reasons why I often go to you for help. Thank you for having the best flavors for all of the weird and totally understandable occasions where I need you. And most of all, thank you for being a friend.

I love you, ice cream.