Dear Midnight,

Every time I see you walking through the pasture to greet me, my heart smiles. I never thought I would be so lucky to have a horse like you. I may be gone most of the time to school, but it seems like nothing has changed when I return.

There is something about our relationship that can't be explained with words. It's a bond woven into my heart and a trust tried every time we ride.

I can tell you all my secrets and I know that you'll keep them safe. I can tell you all my troubles and I know that you'll never add your opinion to the tens of thousands that I've already heard from everyone else. I know that you will always listen to me.

Somehow you can absorb my pain, anger, or sadness and exchange them for joy. You can feel what I am feeling even when my emotions are too complex for even me to sort out. That is your greatest gift to me: empathy.

I love your desire to run.

To be honest, it's terrifying to relax the reins and allow you to take control of our pace. I hope my spirit is just as wild and free as yours when I am as old as you are.

I know you won't be around forever because you have already spent a lot of time running on this earth, but I will love you even after you leave me.

You are my first horse and you will always be my best friend.


The crazy lady with the treats