An Open Letter: To the Girl Who Feels Defeated

To the Girl Who Feels Defeated,

This is for the girl who feels she hasn't done enough to get to where she wants to be. You've probably had people tell you many variations of, "good try," or, "no one has been successful at that." Any form of discouragement, I'm pretty sure you've heard it before.

Life isn't an easy thing. Even though I have yet to conquer most of it, I can only affirm this through what I have experienced. One specific challenge, being on the brink of giving up what I love or want to do because of what others have had to say.

I'm not an expert nor will I ever claim to be. However, if you need even just an once of encouragement in lieu of having being left with the impression that you can't:

You have the capability to do great things.

That is such a simple message in itself, but use it, even as a mantra to yourself. The world we live in is filled with enough criticism of the simplest things. Don't underestimate yourself. You are more worthy to achieve your dreams like everyone else.

This letter is for the girl who has convinced herself that she'll never be good enough to live the life she wants. That she never put in the effort at all.

I want you to take something else with you out of this:

Don't let the fears of others dictate your passions.

Whenever I write about being fearless in all things, please understand that I am motivating positive changes for your health and mentality among others. I aim to bring comfort in this letter as with other pieces I've written so that you recognize your own voice in a sea of doubt.

Get in tune with why you love your goal. Understand that it will only remain an idea unless you place it into action. Latch onto encouragement from various sources. Live what you've dreamt.

Will it be easy? No, but you can overcome because girl, you've given your all and then some.

Take this letter and be who you want to be.



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