Dear Future Self,

Things are really hard right now. School is stressful, MCAT studying is stressful, applying for medical school is stressful. Everything is just stressful, but I can already tell that they are getting better. We stress ourselves out so much about things that really are not important in the long run. That's what I'm trying to learn not to do. Hopefully by now you've figured out how to start enjoying life, and stop stressing about the little things. Things are really hard right now, but I know our future is bright. Everything I'm doing is for you, and there are so many big things coming our way: graduation, medical school, moving. By the way, how was graduation? How does it feel to be finally out of this place? Is it scary - the change? That's my biggest fear right now...the change. Graduation will be a huge transition for us. Even though medical school is in our sights, it's going to be very different than undergrad. We are going to have to work harder than ever before. I feel like I can't do, but I'm sure you're proving me wrong. That's just the type of person we are. Where are are we moving to? Did we get accepted to Morsani - destined to continue living the Tampa life. Or are we off to a new adventure? Are we moving far away from home - from everything we know and love? Or did we choose to stay close. Maybe trade Tampa for Miami? There are so many unanswered question, so many decisions to be made. Whatever decision we made, I hope that we are happy. The most important thing is that we are happy. Whatever is weighing on you right now, take a deep breath in and remember things will get better. Think back to all the times we thought we were done - thought that we would just drop out and move back home. Now look at you! You're living your best life. Remember that.


Your Past Self