Hi Little!

You're absolutely incredible and I love you! I have so much I want you to know before you join the family.

First things first, I have been praying for you for a long time. I am writing this in November and I won't even get to meet you until next August. Since I met my big two months ago, I've been praying for your heart.

I pray that whatever is going on in your world that you feel loved and cared for. I pray that you aren't drowning in school work, have been getting enough sleep, and have been told how wonderful you are today. I pray the world is being kind to you.

I pray that I am growing into the person you will need me to be. I pray we will be able to talk about hard things. I pray that Christ will use me to positively impact your life and shape your experience in Alpha Delta Pi. I pray that when you go through Recruitment, you are able to see how wanted you are by our chapter.

In our Diamond Family, you will get to meet some of the coolest and funniest women ever. (and me!) My Big, your G, is such a treasure to the chapter and will love you almost as much as I do. She will make you sore from laughing and will champion you every step of the day. My G, your GG, has the sweetest smile and is always willing to listen, as long as you don't call her grandma.

We're a huge mix of personalities, majors, hometowns, passions, and opinions and we've saved a space just for you. We do share a name though and if your name ends up being Kate too, it may get a bit confusing. Oh - and I may or may not definitely l have a box under my bed that your G gifted me that's quickly being refilled for you!

I am stoked for you to see the reveal theme I'll be making for you. As much as I love me a good bid day, next year's big little can't come fast enough for me. I'm pumped to take you out for dinners when you wanna get off campus.

You'll always have someone who's down to make pillow forts and jam out to a Jonas Brother's album. I promise that I will be obnoxiously excited about every little single little thing. You will never be left to walk through college, or life, alone as long as I'm around.

I hope that when you step into the house, it feels like your home. I hope you have a blast on Bid Day and get to bond with AC'18! I hope you call me late at night when life is overwhelming or everything feels like it's piling up on you. I hope you send me all of the silly texts, gifs, and snaps your heart desires. I hope you know that I will always want to hear from you and that you're never a bother. I hope you know that I cannot wait to meet you!


Future BIG