Dear “Friend,”

So, it's been awhile since we've talked and I know things have changed between us. We went from being best buddies to enemies, then from enemies to strangers. It was like all of a sudden, our friendship was over, and you ran to be friends with people who you used to treat like dirt. You then proceeded to treat me even worse than you used to treat them, and I didn't understand. Funny how things worked out, isn't it? Fights have been had, amends have been made, and apologies were eventually given, but our relationship will never be the same, and I've finally made peace with that. I finally realized that I don't need you, your negativity, or our fake friendship in my life. Not only do I not need you, I'm so much better off without you.

Our friendship may have been fake on your side, but I cared about you, and you did your best to try to hurt me. I know you might have needed me to sit with at lunch, gossip to about your long list of stupid problems, or hang out with when your other friends were busy, but I certainly didn't need you. I still wonder how I went for so long without seeing that you were bringing me down. I was a last resort to you, and my only regret about the end of our friendship is that it didn't happen sooner. I'm so much better off without you and your negative influence in my life. Finally, no more stupid gossip, annoying arguments or pointless fights. I feel like I can breathe again, and it's a wonderful feeling.

So, this might sound a little weird coming from me, but thank you. Thank you for pretending to be my friend and attempting to isolate me from people who had my back. Thanks for starting the craziest drama for no reason, ditching me with absolutely no explanation, and especially for your obsession with trying to make my life miserable (you failed, by the way.) Lastly, thanks for making me stronger than I was when I first met you. You showed me all of the warning signs I needed to see in a toxic relationship, and I walked away the better person.

Now, I stand tall with my head held high, because I took the better route in life. I got myself together while you never seemed to figure out who you were. I'm making my dreams come true and learning to live without you. I may have lost you, but I gained pure confidence, I gained real friends, true happiness, and I got out of the dark cloud that you held over my head for so long. So if you're wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing great, I've moved on, and I'm better off without you. Thanks again.