An Open Letter: On Energy Vampires

On Energy Vampires:

Hey Readers,

I wanted to simply transfer good energies onto someone who may need it. This is a good point to also remind you: don't feel bad for wanting to rid yourself of negative space.

Often times, when people create negative energy within themselves, they also try to transfer that same feeling onto others. They feel the absolute need to surround themselves with more negative energy than to seek out the positive. This isn't speaking about those who are going through a hard time. This week's letter is specifically about those individuals who all but thrive off of unhealthy spiritual energy.

I am not a spiritual expert nor will I ever claim to be. However, I am well aware that my energies can affect those around me and vice versa. There are people who are knowledgeable, at the very least, that their mood can affect those persons in radius of them. Here's where it becomes a problem: purposefully being what is called an "energy vampire." This individual makes no effort to care or change literally sucking away the healthy energy of other people.

Spooky season is upon us, but that doesn't mean you should feel void of what makes you happy. If there is anything you can do for yourself, it's to give immense space to a frequent energy vampire in your life. I wrote an open letter touching on this previously, but with the change of seasons, also brings spiritual shifts.

Please reference any one of my articles that gives light advice on finding what balances you. It can be as moderate as taking a walk. I always encourage things that promote your healthiest wellbeing.

In the current state of the world, it is so easy to latch onto bad spiritual links than it is to maintain good ones. It takes time to keep such balanced spiritual activity, but with the right environment (in this case, individuals in your life), it's definitely possible. There is no avoiding every obstacle that may cross your path, but by keeping your energies aligned, there can be a breakthrough.

May you all have an excellent week!



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