An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Firstly I just want to say congratulations for being elected President of The United States of America.

While there has been a LOT of tension, and separation during this election term, I truly hope you meant what you said, when you proclaimed that you "will be the president of every American." Although I thought America was already great, I hope that you will make it greater.

There are a LOT of things we disagree on, however, I do want the best for this country, and the people in it, especially those I care for. In your platform, you have shown that racism is still alive and kicking. I hope that you do something to change that. And no, I don't mean building a wall.

Part of me hopes that you were just putting on a show for the media, during the election. Part of me hopes you're going to be one of the best presidents we've ever had. The only thing I have left is hope. Without hope, I'll have nothing but fear, and I think we have enough of that going around.

A lot of your supporters have been telling me to give you a chance. This is what you're getting from me as I'm writing this: a chance. I know a lot of people will be mad at me for writing this, but something has to change, before a lot of people get hurt.

There has been a lot of hate going around, more than there should be. You got elected as president for a reason, and while a lot of people don't like the outcome of the election, I don't see it being changed.


Someone who votes for love, and not a person.

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