Dearest pup,

Thank you for giving me my first forever friendship. From watching me lose my baby teeth to experiencing every birthday and holiday with me. I can't even count how many times you saw me run around the driveway just to fall and scrape my knees. Thank you for picking me back up off the pavement, licking and chasing circles around me to try and make me laugh and forget about the pain.

Because that's what you do, you always know when something isn't right and you make it a point to cheer me up. Whether it was anger or tears you were there every time to make everything feel better and I will always appreciate that more than you know.

Thank you for going on all of my adventures with me... From long walks in the woods, to the car rides I don't want to drive by myself. I could climb to the top of a mountain or go swimming in the lake, and you're up for it. You always know when I don't want to be alone, you are the partner in crime I can always count on.

That's what dogs like you do. You're there for us humans. Whether I just lay in the yard and read a book, or throw your ball and play with you for hours, you are content either way. You encourage me to grow and to take risks and I'm not even sure you know you're doing it, it's just who you are... so thank you.

Because to you, it's never mattered what others opinions of me are. I was your best friend from the start, and you've proven that to be true. You were the first 'person' I saw as my rock and I will always cherish that. Regardless of all the personal struggles I went through as I got older, you stayed by me through it all. There is nothing like a bond between a human and their dog, and I am lucky enough to have gotten to experience that so early in my life

No matter the age you reach, you will live forever with me.


The human you saved.