Let me just start by saying thank you, I would never have gotten through this year without you all. Whether you are my best friend, significant other, or just another person I see every day, thank you-you made the difference.

Freshman year of college is never easy for anyone, but I would never have made it through without you guys. I know that if I never met some of you during the summer before our first semester I would never have made it through. Not only was I starting college, but I moved to a new place with all new people with no one coming from the same school as me. I felt as if I had nothing in common since so many people already knew each other and had their roommates picked out, and friend groups already determined. However, you guys were there for me and brought me in when I felt no one else would. In the crazy heat that we had that first week during FASTRAK, you guys were there for me and we even shared a dorm room with an AC even though we barely knew each other.

Once the semester started, everything clicked. We were a group to be reckoned with; we felt that no one could beat us and that we were invincible. Honestly, I felt like we had the perfect group. Even though we have our ups and downs, and individual issues, we are always there to pick each other up. I love you guys more than anything, you made college a fun experience where I wanted to wake up every day and be with you guys.

The only downfall was that I left, I transferred colleges after this semester. I don't see y'all every day, but you are still there for me like I do. When I transferred, I never thought that I could replace or even find another friend. First off, I didn't want to replace my old friends, but I knew I needed someone to talk to. Whoever thought that it would be a random girl I met an event the semester before and also my roommates? You guys became everything. Not only did my new friend have classes with me, but she happened to only live upstairs from me [we had the exact same room, but one floor up]. As time passed, we became best friends, for the most part, we did everything together. I love you, you made transferring easier for me and I appreciate everything you've done. Not only did you help me prepare for our class, but you sat down and helped me write papers, and aside from schoolwork would come to my dorm and take a nap with me when no one was around and we both wanted to watch TV. Thank you.

Finally, my roommates. I've officially had five roommates during my freshman year. To my ones from my first college, thank you for putting up with my nonsense and being there for me. However, the real roommate love came this semester. You girls are the best. We may not have always got along, but I love you guys. You are the real MVP. You guys were there for me and helped me through EVERYTHING; I can't ever repay you guys for anything. From our midnight Wal-Mart runs or stealing cups from the dining hall, or even our cleaning parties. What other room could make cleaning fun like us? No one. We are the B's from 413, and no one can ever replace us and the random twerking moments, or the everyday attempts at cooking. Even though we won't be dorming together next semester, I just need to thank you all and just tell you girls that I love you.

My freshman year has been one that will never be forgotten and it is all thanks to you guys. Whether you sat with me one day at lunch, or even just talked to me in class, you made the difference you made my college experience. I can never relive the late nights spent in the lounge at either college, where I got to know people more, or just sat there till the sun came out. My freshman year memories will never be forgotten. I will never forget my first nights, last summer, where every person sat in the kitchens all night because it was too hot to sleep and it was all so new that we couldn't even sleep. There aren't enough words to thank everyone, but I can try. Thank you all for a great year, I can't wait for many more. It's been real, "Ayyyyyyyyyyye" - my roommate.