Yeah, I'm talking about you. We met in 7th grade, you immediately became my guardian after witnessing girls make fun of me because of my weight and that I was different. I would come to find out that years later that you were different too. We bonded after years apart and I met your beautiful nine month old daughter. Watching you as a first time mommy was incredible - you tried your hardest and you were that bright light in your little girls eyes. We became more than friends, we became sisters. Over the last six years, we went through heartache, fights, death, abuse, and then finally, becoming warriors.

We drive each other crazy to the point where we we just learned to embrace our crazy and use it positively. We will be real with each other, insanely real, to the point where we're both screaming at each other. I never sugar coat shit with you, as you do with me. When I tell you that you're overreacting, or when I'm being naive. We're both right and we listen to each other.

I've been through hell, you watched how my panic and anxiety disorder completely destroyed me but you stood by me. You told me to just let the pain out, don't hold back. You stood by when I couldn't properly come to terms with my mother's death, which to this day is still hard for me. Your daughter calls me Aunty, and everytime I hear here that my heart melts. I don't have any brother's or sister's and you guys are the closest to it. Our friendship has grown into a special bond that sometimes it's hard to explain.

I remember feeling absolutely helpless one night when I saw a man that you loved beat you and I was locked outside your house. All I could do was watch in horror from the window. My worst fear in any friendship is to feel helpless and I did that night. If I could, I would've smashed a chair over his head. You tell me time and time again that I saved your life that night after everything that had happened. I wish it didn't have to come to that though, finding you afterwards, practically bleeding to death. Not from him, but from you getting to that point because of how mentally and physically abusive he was. If I could've stopped that all from happening I would have, but again, someone in the universe is testing our strength.

On June 6th 2016, was when you became my person. Your baby brother was on life support. We used each other as a support that day; I wouldn't let you fall. Standing there in the room with you as he died changed the both of us. I was there by your side on one of the worst days of your life and at that moment we became more than just friends, we became family. We both hurt together and I knew I had to make sure that you wouldn't crumble. You had your days where you would break down, completely disassociate from the world but even if it had been weeks since we last spoke our bond was still there.

I hope you know how much of a warrior woman you are. You try to push yourself to do good and to be the perfect person and you're more than that. You don't give yourself enough credit. You are raising a beautiful, intelligent, funny, almost six year old and you are doing an amazing job at it. You've been doing an amazing job her entire life BY YOURSELF. She is surrounded by love and strength that she will grow up being the woman you are and strive to be. I am SO PROUD of you. I have watched you grow from a young, struggling mother to a strong, alpha dog female who is a fantastic woman and mother.

I love you.

You are forever my person. Forever my sister.