An Open Letter: On Paying Attention to Exhaustion

On Paying Attention to Exhaustion,

I wanted to get slightly serious this week on paying attention to your body's signs of exhaustion. This isn't to be "preachy" or a know-it-all. If anything, I am also writing about myself.

The week can vary for all of us. Some people have a good balance of busy and relaxation. Others, me included, have to remember to place "sleeping" on our list somewhere.

I applaud those who can maintain a balance. It's not easy.

Recently, I have noticed that the packed schedule is causing my body to become more and more fatigued. What I consider enough rest isn't actually enough to get me back on track. With this, comes the decision that must be made: prioritizing.

Please understand I am not writing this open letter to appear seemingly knowledgeable about how to keep you properly rested. I am writing this in the hopes that recognizing my own exhaustion and how to go about a busy schedule in a healthy way could help someone else.

One of the things that I have been attempting to do is to make myself put down anything pertaining to work at a certain time. For example, if I am researching something for a potential article idea, I set an alarm to acknowledge, "That's enough for the day."

Another idea is taking time off from working if possible. I work multiple jobs, so most of my week is dedicated to working. Where there is an opportunity, I have to take time for myself even if for a day.

A third potential tip is to simply do low energy activities. My go-to is to read. It allows me time to decompress and settle into my bedtime routine easily and effectively. Other activities of this type could include watching television or playing a video game.

The most critical part is to get adequate sleep. It makes a world of difference. Believe it or not, drinking water also aids in keeping your body exhaustion-free.

I hope that you find the most effective and healthy way to keep your body energized and your mental stress-free. There's only one you after all.



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